Next Year’s Software Development Trends Happening Now

Nov 2
Software Development Trends

Software development continues to be one of the cornerstones of how businesses develop new resources for their operations. As technology and customers continue to become more complex, so too are the trends that people use to develop software. Agencies and companies alike are looking for the next best thing or ways of staying up-to-date and trendy. These trends tend to carry over from year to year, and next year’s trends are already becoming popular. In this article, we discuss several software development trends that are already happening now. 

Native Apps

When apps are developed, there are several ways that companies can make them. The trend so far has been to develop an app that can work on as many different systems as possible. Doing so made it possible to develop apps that could serve as a central feature for a company’s entire customer audience. However, some companies cannot follow this process because of security and infrastructure reasons. These companies create native apps instead. 

Native apps are designed to run on a specific type of system. For example, a company that relies on customers with Android phones can create an app that is native to Android. That way, any Android device can use the app. The benefit is that native apps can be more reliable and secure. The banking and finance industries use native apps because of the increased security benefits. It also helps limit data transfer access between systems, making cybercrime significantly harder. 

Big Data

Another trend that companies are using to their advantage is big data. It is the concept of collecting data and using it to improve their operations. It has also become a controversial topic in the industry as more people are becoming concerned about their privacy. Big data has proven effective at mining valuable insights from large groups of people. Companies have been able to use it to develop new products, refine existing products, and reach audiences more effectively. Some of the larger companies have also developed income streams through advertising based on their big data insights. This is a trend that can have benefits for businesses of any size, so it is not likely going away anytime soon. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a set of technologies that are designed to make machines smarter and more capable. In essence, it allows them to predict what we want and to think on their own. For users, that means that their smart devices can make it easier to do the things that they want. 

For companies, AI is an investment in making systems better for customers. By enabling them with AI systems, many computer systems can respond to users’ needs more effectively. Over time, they learn users’ preferences and can tailor systems to their needs. That way, customers have an easier and more enjoyable experience. Being able to automate systems with AI gives companies an advantage in customer service and product development. AI is a trend that is just picking up steam and should be around for the foreseeable future. 

Continuous Development

In the past, companies would spend a lot of time developing projects in secret. Once they reached full development, they launched the product. Because of the amount of time that it took to build products, the speed that the market changed, and the lack of collaboration with customers during the development process, these development methods often resulted in lackluster responses to products. 

Companies have largely moved to a continuous development model of development. They develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and launch it. The development process continues with feedback from users, and the company continues to upload new interactions of the product with new features and designs. This method has eliminated many of the problems in the development process and is quickly becoming the standard method of development. 

For companies, it means better alignment with the needs and preferences of customers. It also means that it is more cost-effective to develop products since a lot of time and money is not wasted on a product that won’t work well for customers. It is highly likely that this will be one of the longest-lasting software development trends to hit the industry for some time. 

Working with a Software Development Agency

One of the latest software development trends is actually coming back from the earlier days of software development. Working with a software development agency used to be the norm, but has largely fallen away due to the rise of DIY solutions. However, there are still many software projects that need the expertise of a development agency. At KitelyTech, we have the expertise, experience, and resources to help you develop the best software for your company. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss your next software development project with our software development team.

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