Ace Anatomy


AceAnatomy provides an interactive platform in order to teach anatomy to college and doctorate-level students.

AceAnatomy provides gamified quiz rounds and condensed study sessions to make the process of learning anatomy more interactive and fun.

A separate leaderboard is maintained to develop a community of classmates and peers.

The program was developed by two MDs, and Professor Emeritus John A. McNulty (Ph.D. in biology) reviews the content posted on the website and assures the students are privy to the most accurate and up-to-date information.


  • Our team of developers helped AceAnatomy to develop a sophisticated 3D virtual anatomy learning platform.
  • S3D modules were utilized throughout the site, Tutorials and quizzes were specially tailored to provide comfort in study at all levels of learning.
  • Scoreboard to keep track of a user’s own score, as well as to compare his/her score with other classmates.
  • Program divided into levels, designed to help users/students keep track of progress and move through the course without feeling stagnant or overwhelmed.
  • Subscription feature allows users to purchase from various pricing models; complete payment gateway integration to allow for processing of selection.

CLIENT: Ace Anatomy

TECHNOLOGY: Angular JS, ASP .NET MVC, AWS, MSSQL, BioDigital, Stripe

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