Beverley R


Headed by long-established dealers Stephen and Beverly Forward, the boutique attracts a loyal clientele searching for finely crafted jewelry from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras.

“In Chicago, there is no one who has a collection of antique jewelry like this,” Stephen says, nodding toward the cases filled with individually selected period jewelry.

Stephen, a gemologist, and his wife, Beverly, an expert in art eras and settings, seat customers at an antique desk and bring the jewelry to them, telling them the history, period and styling of each authentic, one-of-a-kind piece.

“Antique jewelry has a soul, a character, a softness,” Stephen says. “It shows great workmanship and design. Each piece is made to last.”

Valuable though they are, the pieces at Beverley R aren’t meant to be housed behind glass. The shop’s jewelry is endlessly wearable and blends well with modern tastes. Find a bold Victorian gold collar necklace with 5 carats of diamonds and a bloomed-gold finish; long, hand-wrought Georgian gold muff chains from the 1830s; and unique Victorian and Art Deco engagement rings.


  • Client wanted an aesthetically-pleasing, functional website to compete with competitors in antique jewellery industry.
  • Client offers many antique products, and requires web design to showcase them strategically to generate a lead from website.
  • Site should be SEO-friendly and SEO work should be ongoing


  • We understood client requirement and started first phase with UI/UX
  • We finalized design with client after testing 5 different designs and 20+ revisions
  • We developed a custom theme which we integrated on the WordPress platform
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CLIENT: Beverley R

TECHNOLOGY: WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript

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