Client Background

Vulnerabilities inherent to smartphones, apps, and cellular providers compromise our privacy and personal safety. Simply by using our smartphone we have unknowingly forfeited control of our name, address, phone number, date of birth, fingerprints, social security number, credit card numbers, bank account logins, crypto-currency account logins, passwords, photos, emails, texts, contacts, browsing and location history. The Cloak Phone changes that.

Client Business Challenges or Requests

  • Client wanted an aesthetically-pleasing, functional website to compete with competitors online.
  • Site should be SEO-friendly and SEO work should be ongoing to beat competitors

KitelyTech Solutions

  • We understood client requirements and started first phase with UI/UX
  • We finalized the design with clients after testing 3 different designs and completing 5+ revisions
  • We created a beautiful, user-friendly WordPress site for clients, which help Cloak to compete with competitors online
  • We completed this project by providing all branding materials, as well as a pitch deck and marketing material designs

CLIENT: Cloak Phone