Client Background

UK’s top internet marketer, Paul Lynch, wanted to create a market share-capturing doodle software that allows users to create innovative, interactive sketch videos. Paul brought his ideas and imagination regarding software functionality and look to the project.

Client Business Challenges or Requests

  • Client has abstract ideals for what software functionality should consist of, as there is currently no other software available to use as inspiration
  • Software must work on any platform like Mac, Windows or Linux
  • Client does not want to limit length of video, so software must be able handle exportation of large data files in the form of videos

KitelyTech Solutions

  • Created wireframe design to confirm we understood client requirements for user experience; finalized look and feel of software with all functionalities
  • We experimented with potential Java and QT technology to guarantee optimized video library, exporting capabilities, and rendering speeds for the spectrum of possible file sizes
  • Finally, we designed and developed software per client’s specifications, bringing his dream to reality
  • Currently there are 90,000+ active users benefitting from Easy Sketch Pro

CLIENT: My Dot Com Business