Fortu is a mobile dating application that cuts the chit-chat and makes dates happen. Fortu is changing the dynamic of online dating with conversations initiated around an event or activity with a specific place and time to meet offline. It’s no longer a matter of where or when – that was determined from the start of the connection – but rather the fun of deciding with whom…and then actually going out.


Fortu cuts to the chase by focusing on the three major pillars required for successful dating: initial physical attraction, an event or activity, and a place and time that works for both parties.


  • In today’s busy world, people are facing many difficulties with online dating apps like Tinder and/or Bumble, primarily resulting from the busy schedules of young professionals.
  • People don’t have time to find the perfect match with swiping games. Oftentimes, matches won’t even message each other; meeting up in person on matching apps is even more rare.
  • Fortu sought a mobile app created for people who want to use the app to date efficiently in this busy world by taking a connection offline rather than spending time in app


  • We are running this project with agile methodology.
  • We released multiple versions of app and are continuously monitoring users’ feedback for improvement in both iOS and Android devices
  • With app, user can post a creative date – complete with place and time. Other users who have previously shown interest in the guy or girl posting the date will be notified when he/she adds a date. People who find the date interesting will apply for it, and poster can invite users to apply, before date poster eventually chooses his or her favorite applicant to take on the date
  • Today, Fortu is disrupting the online dating world – concept and app feedback shows people find Fortu to be interesting, useful, and necessary



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