Client Background

J.P. McMahon Petro-Chem is a family-owned fuel hauler that ensures a steady workflow with on-time deliveries. The company currently delivers across the Mid-West, and is planning to expand in coming years.
JPM offers the best and most precise delivery in the business, excelling in both professionalism and courtesy in Chicago and Indianapolis. J.P. McMahon sets safety at the top of their priority list. They know that in their field it is undeniable that they have a lot of responsibility and they want to make sure every driver is taking the proper precautions when starting and ending their day.

Client Business Challenges or Requests

  • Client wanted an aesthetically-pleasing, functional website to compete with competitors online.
  • Site should be SEO-friendly and SEO work should be ongoing to beat competitors

Project Scope

KitelyTech was hired to create an updated version of internal legacy software JPM was using in their day to day operations. JPM was experiencing an issue with the current system and developer on a consistent basis. Our developers spent time learning the company’s day-to-day operations and any impedances that existed. We then began to create the system from the ground up accounting for all the ”nice to haves” from the client. The result is an intuitive program that can be used across all devices to track all internal processes: drivers clock in and out via a mobile app, managers schedule employees through a web portal, and inventory is managed electronically.