NextRound is an iOS application which allows users to transfer money to another user in the form of a digital drink. NextRound users are able to send various amounts of money in the form of drinks (beer = $6, wine = $7, round of drinks $40, champagne = $55, custom drinks) to friends. These “drinks” are stored in the users’ “fridge” until they are ready to “empty the fridge” and securely withdraw the money via a Stripe connection.

The whole concept of this application is to allow users to virtually be able to send a monetary gift to a friend without feeling transactional.


  • Our team was involved with the NextRound team at the ground level; we helped the team flesh out their vision from logo to complete MVP to increased features.Complete end-to-end process of selecting a drink to send to another user to the transaction of the money is developed from scratch
  • Graphic and UI design, payment gateway integration, application made available only on iOS devices.
  • Continuing to work with the NextRound team to introduce new features on iOS, with plans for Android application expansion.

CLIENT: NextRound

TECHNOLOGY: iOS, Stripe, CodeIgnitor/PHP, Twilio

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