Owen Deutsch had a 20-year career as a fashion photographer before he devoted his time to his second business, Loft Development Corporation- a company in the practice of renovating old urban industrial warehouses and converting them into loft-style office spaces and other such solutions.

In 2002, Owen was introduced to birding by a close friend who asked for help with bird photography. Since then, Owen returned to the photography world capturing birds around the world in their natural habitats. He updates his website (and social media) in between the trips to share his love of birds and bring awareness to conservation via a partnership with the American Bird Conservancy.


  • Client needed a dynamic content website; content for each country changes every month. Content on the homepage and internal pages must be able to be scheduled months in advance
  • Client needed a location-based data display and search option whereby clicking on the country on the globe UI, the user gets a specific number of results displaying the clients work.
  • Client wanted an advanced system of searching and filtering thousands of images.



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