Payment Plan Services


Payment Plan Services provides a solution to remove the barriers of high cost and credit applications for the auto dealers.

By offering interest-free financing plans without the process of applying for credit.
PPS provides a platform for the auto dealers to apply for an interest free loan, which the system qualifies the dealer using the integrated tool and approves for a credit amount.

Dealer is provided with own system to upload, sell parts and increase the business using the portal.


  • Our team has helped the client by developing a system designed to sell different car parts to end users with EMI options.
  • This system also records sales data, qualified customer data, user performance report and sales report. It can generate W9 and PPS contract signed by dealers.
  • This portal of the system which the main PPS will use will have the ability to enter a dealer data and qualify the customer based on the credit score.
  • Once the dealer is qualified the dealer is also enrolled and provided a separate portal from where can sell parts, maintain sales record, etc.

CLIENT: Payment Plan Services(PPS)


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