Client Background

The Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago, is committed to expert, specialized, and compassionate care for all of their patients. Their goal is to help patients not only look, but also feel, like the best version of themselves. They achieve this by a combination of thorough preoperative analysis, natural results, and patient guidance through every step, from initial consultation to post-surgical follow-up.

Client Business Challenges or Requests

  • Client wanted an aesthetically-pleasing, functional website to compete with competitors online
  • Site should be SEO-friendly and SEO work should be ongoing to beat competitors

KitelyTech Solutions

  • Clients did not have existing website; we were recruited to create PSC’s first online presence.
  • Clients requested plentiful animations to enhance the user experience, such as parallax images when scrolling.
  • Utilized frequent calls to action throughout the site to encourage conversions (patients booking consultations).
  • Ongoing SEO efforts underway

CLIENT: Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago