PPH Health


PPH Health provides exceptional health care services by contributing to the well-being of seniors, disabled individuals, and medically challenged individuals; they provide their patients with home care and home health services.

PPH Health administrators and clinicians work together to harness the power of technology to schedule appointments and streamline paperwork for home visits through a mobile app (iOS and Android)


  • Our team was responsible for the development of 4 mobile applications, as well as a web-app admin portal.
  • App 1: patient app, iOS
  • App 2: patient app, Android
  • App 3: clinician app, iOS
  • App 4: clinician app, Android
  • The patient app allows patients to be assigned clinicians, schedule appointments, reschedule appointments, message a clinician, and see when a clinician is on their way and has arrived at their home.
  • The clinician app allows clinicians to be assigned patients, schedule and reschedule appointments, message patients and PPH Health administrators, and view and sign patient paperwork.
  • The admin panel allows PPH Health admin to add patients and clinicians to the system and edit their details, assign clinicians to patients, update schedules, chat with patients and clinicians.


TECHNOLOGY: Android SDK, Swift/iOS, NodeJS, AWS, Firebase, MySQL, Twilio

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