Square Roots Kitchen


Square Roots Kitchen (SRK) is a technology-driven, healthy, quick-service restaurant, designed to meet the dining needs of the on-the-go consumer. It offers customers a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional fast food fare. SRK is a Chicago-based startup; we at KitelyTech are proud to help them meet their technological needs.


  • Needed self-driven, technology-enabled platform for smooth ordering process
  • Wanted minimal interaction between customers and staff to reduce overhead costs
  • Technology should help customer adhere to any diet and set any allergy restrictions. Based on these parameters, the technology will recommend what customer should eat and/or avoid
  • Technology should allow total nutritional transparency (e.g. how nutritious is a given menu item in terms of calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, etc?)
  • Technology should help customer build a custom meal for any diet
  • Technology should help SRK staff manage all orders efficiently
  • Technology should allow customer see order status and track location of delivery person in real time
  • Technology should help staff manage inventory (break down stock item purchase requirements by store)


  • As per requirements and business needs, we are utilizing an agile methodology to complete this project, divided into the following phases:
    1. First, we developed a responsive website that was investor-friendly, along with additional other marketing materials (e.g. pitch deck, etc)
    2. Next, we developed a responsive website that helped SRK handle online orders – including catering, pickup, and delivery
    3. When it came time to sign off on user experience, we tried more than 12 designs before finalizing to ensure the best outcome
    4. Then, we developed Android and iOS apps with the rich user experience that reflect the unique SRK vision and set this tech start up apart from others
  • Following completion of project scope, we are continuing to work with client on next phase: currently we are developing Kiosk technology

CLIENT: Square Roots Kitchen

TECHNOLOGY: ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angularjs, Square Payment Gateway