What Features Create the Best SaaS Customer Experience in Ecommerce

Oct 21
SaaS Customer Experience

When it comes to e-commerce, SaaS solutions are important. They make it possible to sell online using SaaS e-commerce platforms, and many companies use SaaS solutions to facilitate different parts of their operations. Because of this, the features that you include in your solution make a major difference on the customer end of operations. Here is a deeper look at SaaS e-commerce experience and what features e-commerce businesses need to have the best SaaS customer experience. 

Clear Communication

Communication is key to building long-lasting relationships. If customers can’t reach you when they need to, they aren’t likely to keep using your service or recommending it to others. This means that your SaaS solution must have a way of facilitating communication for customers.

There are many ways to do this, including email, chatbots, and support tickets. Whichever method you choose, it is important to have it monitored at all times. That way, you can quickly reply to customers in need of assistance. 

Internal Communication Options

The best option for improving communication is to have a method built directly into the SaaS solution’s interface. This lets customers reach out for help without having to move to other systems. It is faster and gives you a direct line of communication to your customer for advanced customer support options. 

Development Notes

One area of communication that should not be ignored is development notes. Since SaaS solutions are often continuously developed and updated, you want to communicate with customers about those changes. This helps them understand why things are changing and can also help with the adoption of new features or changes in internal policies. 

Responsive UI

Another feature to consider is a responsive UI. Every customer likely has a different system in place and needs your solution to adapt to the hardware and software environment that they have. Some clients use mobile devices while others use desktops. Regardless of the situation, they need to be able to use yoru system equally well. 

A responsive UI adapts to the hardware environment that customers use. It rearranges elements and makes adjustments so that they are able to use the interface efficiently on any size screen.

Seamless Ordering Process

The ordering process, or “path to purchase,” is one of the most important aspects of customer experience. If customers find your path to purchase too long, they’ll abandon their purchase. If it’s too short, you may have a high turnover rate since many of your customers will be unqualified.

More to the point, your ordering process should not be difficult to complete. The best way to handle this is with a sales funnel that seamlessly transitions from the qualifying phase to the purchasing phase. For example, a landing page that goes seamlessly from ensuring that the customer’s needs will be met by the product to filling out the order form with minimal interruption.

Deliver-on-Demand Service

Company’s choose SaaS services because they can get the resources when they need them without having to maintain them ahead of time. For your SaaS solution to have value, it must be able to deliver that service on demand without problems. 

To ensure that this is the case, your solution has to have adequate resources available to scale and meet demand. Fortunately, this is easy to do on the backend since computer resources are more abundant than ever. You just have to make sure that your systems are developed in a way to seamlessly transfer resources to where they are needed when they are needed. 

Personalized Content

Everyone knows that services are made for everyone, but they don’t want to feel that way. People want personalized solutions so that they can get the most out of them. For you, this means creating a SaaS platform with customizable content based on each user’s needs. 

Build User Profiles

To do this effectively, your solution has two options. You can either give the customer control to customize their experience, or try to do it automatically by building user profiles. Most companies take the automatic route with a few manual customization options. However, this also means usingsoftware to collect data on users, a practice that is increasingly looked down on. How you should customize content depends on your target audience and what their preferences are. 

What to Show and What Not To Show

Personalized content focuses on what to show and what not to show to customers. In SaaS solutions, there is the possibility of showing entirely too much information in an interface, making it unusable. Instead, opt for a minimalist approach. Show the minimal amount of data that you can to get the point across, and include options to expand and see more. That way, customers can control how much data they see and cut it off when it is too much. This responsiveness to their needs goes a long way in improving their opinion of a SaaS solution. 

Rich Product Information

Customers expect ecommerce websites to be visually appealing, but they also want detailed information about the products they’re considering purchasing. You can meet this expectation by adding rich product information to your SaaS ecommerce solution. 

A product description that goes into detail about a product’s key features and details leaves customers feeling confident that they’re making the right purchase. 

Make sure that you provide details in ways that customers can easily understand. It is tempting to make a long list of specific feature details, but they are often hard to understand unless your customers are well-versed in the market or technology. Instead, break it all down into manageable pieces and focus on how those details help solve customers’ problems.

Get Help With Your SaaS Solution

Every SaaS solution takes extensive planning and development to turn into something special. You can get help making your SaaS solution or refining it into something better. At KitelyTech, we specialize in helping companies get the most out of their IT resources so that they can grow and thrive in an increasingly digital market. Call (800) 274-2908 to schedule a consultation about how to improve your SaaS solution.

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