Secure Your E-Commerce Store with these Simple Tips

Jun 23
secure ecommerce tips

Running an e-commerce business is quite popular among young entrepreneurs and those who have an established physical business. But want to spread wings online – all this because today we all live in a digital. Suppose you have an online store which is running good and doing a great business. For this, you hire the best web developer, used high quality of content, involve a team that brings up a mobile app as well. But what can be the worry here is the trigger point on security threats. Any e-commerce website can be vulnerable to hacking attacks. If not handled on time they can be highly dangerous for your website. Thus it becomes imperative to secure your e-commerce business online.

An important point to note here is that business and the website security lengthen far beyond protecting all your sensitive data behind a firewall. Hackers just don’t hack the homepage rather they intrude the website, entire business systems, internal data and more. Their aim is from niggling disruptions to some pricey take-downs like the recent Wanna-cry virus and etc.

Moreover, cyber attacks such as ransomware hacks where lock down occurs. And it is not resumed until you pay a ransom – these attacks are on a high rise. But all this does not mean that preventing this is not possible. You can stop these risks from the modern-day thieves with the help of certain security choices. This article will serve as a guide and will illustrate some points to protect your e-commerce business, data and website from security breaches. Let’s read to know these tips:

Start with employing the best practices for your business – like system upgrades, log in details and email. It is being observed by several experts and professionals that a lot of start-ups or small e-commerce businesses don’t have resources and the technical know how to know and get rid of these threats. Thus, following the best practices are important to secure your e-commerce business. To name a few are; Automating your operating system update, always use strong passwords, use 2-factor authentication and secure email systems and procedures.

Using secure HTTPS hosting is a must have

HTTPS is the enhanced and secure form of HTTP which is a protocol used by websites to secure the server and the browser connection. For an e-commerce business, it is advisable to use HTTPS for your payment pages, login pages, checkout to prevent security frauds and hacking threats. Have a look to some of the reasons for executing this.

Firstly, HTTPS is now a prominent Google ranking factor. That means Google now prefers websites that use HTTPS rather than HTTP and it is included while analyzing the analytics and knowing the current position of the website on search results. Essentially, the websites that use HTTPS have a fair chance to get better rankings and more traffic. Secondly, HTTPS is the fundamental level of website protection which is supported by SSL certificate. It creates a supportive layer of protection and a strong link between the browser and the web server so that the hackers can’t intrude in the website.

Execute Regular Backups

If you get hacked that’s a nightmare but you can recover from it. But at times losing important data is often not something that you can easily recover from. And remember – your website’s data is your responsibility because it directly connects with your customers. It’s your property and so you need to be hundred percent sure that it is backed up properly. You can run a manual backup but here at times, it becomes time-consuming and troublesome. The possibility is that you won’t do it for any odd reason but it is because of your website’s data security. The last thing you find out that your last backup was 3 months ago which is of no use to anyone.

So, ideally, the best way is to use an automated backup service. So that you can set and just leave it! Your data is safe and you will always have a backup.

Don’t Store Sensitive Data

When we’re talking sensitive data we really mean the credit card details and login details on the e-commerce website. There are e-commerce tools that provide a feature to store card details. People feel this is a convenient feature and easy to use. But we strongly advise to stay away from using this feature. So, here what shall be done, a better option is to use a 3rd party payment gateway for safer transactions. These gateways use a web server that offers secure transactions for customers and clients. This way your e-commerce website gets a high degree of security option for the clients so that they can execute safe and secure payments online.

Use safe and reliable e-commerce platform

Reliable e-commerce platform is all that is needed as it serves as a backbone for any website. Please note that not all the platforms are equal there are differences as well. Some platforms might offer sparkly gadgets or operations that can later introduce you to security vulnerabilities. Thus, before you choose the best platform, it is a good idea to ponder emphasis on the safety and dependability reputation of the platform. There are a number of e-commerce platforms in the market that are fantastic and use highest standards of services for developing an e-commerce website. To name a few are – Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, BigCommerce and much more.

Integrate Secure and reliable payment gateway

Do not ignore this point as it is quite critical for the security of an e-commerce website. There are plenty of payment gateway choices available for an eMerchant in this digital world today. Although these differ in the rates and processes and so you can use multiple gateways to cover several kinds of payment methods. The most preferred by the customers is the one that demands you to put the CVV number or the Card Validation Value Code. Without a CVV code support, it becomes easy for the hackers to steal the information from your credit card and site. A payment gateway that has a robust security system shall be preferred.

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