SEO For Law Firms : Search Engine Optimization Guide for Lawyers

Jan 7
SEO For Law Firms

SEO is particularly important for law firms, as there is steep competition online in most parts of the country for lawyers looking to connect with potential clients. SEO strategies can help lawyers to improve their search engine rankings and to drive more traffic to their sites. In this article, learn some of the reasons why having an SEO for law firms is so important, as well as a few SEO strategies for law firms that you can use today. 

Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on getting your site to rank for a certain location, i.e., your town or state. For instance, when someone searches for law firms in Tucson, all the results that come up are optimized for a local search using Tucson as the location. So if someone looking for lawyers in Tucson wants to find an attorney, they type in “Tucson lawyers” and there will be a number of attorneys showing up on the first page of the search results. To rank for these searches, you will need to incorporate the practice of local SEO into your website and blog by implementing these search terms into the copy.

Pillar Pages

A pillar page is essentially the foundation on which an entire subject cluster is constructed. It is basically a central hub, a completely comprehensive resource that encompasses a plethora of other smaller, specific pieces of related supporting content, such as articles, press releases, case studies, and much more. For example, your firm publishes a pillar page about car accident lawsuits, with links to 15 articles that answer the most common questions that people involved in car accidents have when deciding when to take legal action against the party responsible.

A good pillar page should encompass all the content, backlinks, and keyword positioning required to maximize your SEO efforts. The key here is that the whole thing should be coherent – there is no point in having one very important piece of SEO content, if it is not integrated into the rest of the topic cluster, and it certainly isn’t needed if you’re just trying to boost your search engine rankings. It should also provide valuable information. 


Law firms use blogs as a venue to publicize and advertise themselves while at the same time providing useful and relevant information to their target audiences. It makes it possible to provide information online to potential and current clients and help them make their decisions based on sound legal advice. This can entice visitors to find the law firm’s website and to hire the lawyer associated with the article. Publishing blogs is a natural way to incorporate keywords into your site and creating sharable content that connects with potential clients.

Online Directories for Lawyers

Online directories for lawyers are an excellent resource to law firms that wish to capitalize on increasing the number of clients they see. There are many benefits that online directories offer to law firms, especially if the directories are lawyer specific. Some of the benefits include increased exposure to potential clients, increased revenue, and the ability to generate new leads through referrals.

To be successful with SEO, law firms often turn to reputable SEO agencies to develop and execute strategies that increase their search engine rankings and online presence. KitelyTech works with law firms to provide SEO services that are industry-specific and highly effective. Call (800) 274 2908 to schedule a consultation with our SEO team to learn more about our SEO services for lawyers.

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