Why SEO for SaaS is Essential for Business Success

Oct 11
SEO for SaaS Products

SaaS products are becoming a staple in business. Their ability to replace internal resources at a better cost and with greater ease of management makes them essential for businesses operating in digital spaces. However, the market is getting tighter and any company trying to sell SaaS products needs to focus on SEO to overpower the competition. 

In an increasingly digital world where competition is tight and advertising doesn’t always work, SEO is the best chance to get in front of B2B customers. Your company’s SEO strategy is the key to success going forward. Here is a deeper look at why SEO for SaaS products is essential for business success despite the fact that SEO is not that complicated anymore. 

How SEO is Essential for SaaS Businesses

SEO for SaaS is essential in order to drive more traffic to your business. If you have a website that has poor rankings and no one finds it, you can’t exactly expect them to convert into paying customers. 

Many SaaS businesses struggle with visibility or the ability to get people to notice their products. The easiest and most cost-effective way to increase visibility is to invest in SEO for SaaS products. 

Why SEO Continues to Be Essential After Launching SaaS Products

SEO for SaaS is an ongoing process that never ends. SEO works by ranking your website against other websites to get a high position on the search engine results page (SERP). Thus, if another company decides to launch a similar product, they will create their own website and begin their SEO campaign to rank higher than your company. 

At this point, you’ll need to start investing in SEO again in order to keep your high position. Here are some other reasons why SEO is important.

SEO Drives Acquisition

When people talk about acquisition, they’re talking about the number of people who convert into paying customers. If you’re not investing in SEO for SaaS, you won’t generate enough traffic to keep your conversion rate high.

SEO for SaaS drives acquisition, which means more people will visit your website and you’ll have a higher chance of converting them. This is especially true when you consider the fact that people are more inclined to buy from a top search result than a website buried on page 2.

SEO Drives User Retention

High conversion rates mean little if you lose customers just as fast. Investing in SEO can help you retain customers. By keeping your rankings high, customers are more likely to value your product over others because of that ranking. People trust the products that are ranked higher than the other options. 

Another way that it drives retention is by driving engagement with existing customers. Many customers may stop using a product long before they leave it. Their needs may change, leading to needing to use the product less often. They could also be struggling with the adoption phase and stop using it because they haven’t reached full proficiency yet. 

Use SEO to keep those customers engaged so that they continue to use your product until it becomes an integral part of what they do. 

SEO Helps with Product Development

In an indirect way, SEO helps with product development. If there are other products that rank higher than yours or are close to yours, that may mean that customers like it. Use this as an opportunity to check out the competition and see what they offer that you don’t. 

You might notice that one of your competitors has a slightly better product than you do. Or, you might notice that they have a slightly better website than you. At this point, you can either improve your own product or website based on your research to improve your chances of gaining new customers. 

SEO Provides Branding and Awareness

When you first start out in business, you’re going to want an easy way to build your brand. There are a few ways to do this, but SEO for SaaS is an easy way to do it. By investing in SEO for SaaS, you can increase your brand awareness. 

SEO Is a Constant Game of Change

There will always be something new happening in the SEO world. New algorithms are being developed, websites are updating their content, and competition is always increasing. To keep adjusting your SEO and your strategies to the needs of new SEO rules for search engines. If you decide to quit, you’ll have a hard time maintaining your SEO rank and bringing in customers. 

How SaaS Companies Can Take Advantage of SEO

SaaS companies face a lot of competition, but there are always companies looking for solutions. The key to success is capturing a large enough segment of the market to remain profitable. Here are a few ways of cornering the SaaS SEO market.

SaaS Terminology

SaaS companies can take advantage of SEO because there is a lot of SaaS terminology to rank for. You don’t have to compete directly against all of your competitors in SEO. Just choose the SaaS terminology with lower keyword competition, and try to rank for that. Do your keyword researching and grouping using the easy keyword search tool by SE Ranking. You’re, essentially, trying to fill a space in the market that is not being filled. 

Focus on More than the Features of SaaS

Although customers are comparing the features of SaaS or SaaS vs traditional software, focus on more than the features of your product. People buy when they understand how your product will fix the problems that they have. Your products’ features fix these problems, but you should try to set up your SEO so that they find your product as the solution to whatever problem they are searching for a solution for. Make them feel like your product is the answer, and you can attract customers more often.

Get Help with Your SaaS SEO

Don’t wait until your company is struggling to invest in SEO. Get help promoting your SaaS products through SEO by partnering with KitelyTech. We work with companies to improve SEO with both short and long-term strategies. Call us at (800) 274-2908 to get started on your next project. 

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