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Amazon has 3x more searches for products than Google. E-commerce brands who are focused only on ranking in Google & Bing’s search engine results pages (SERPs) are missing an opportunity and leaving sales dollars on the table.


Amazon is equal opportunity ecommerce

Whether you’re reselling items purchased at wholesale price or offering customers the exclusive opportunity to purchase a patented invention on your own ecommerce site, Amazon is a valuable marketplace for you.

Customers can’t buy what they can’t find

KitelyTech has helped hundreds of brands, worldwide, setup and optimize their Amazon storefronts. Our work doesn’t end with the hanging of your virtual shingle. To act as informed consultants and improve your overall SEO score, we analyze the Amazon SEO component in tandem with the following factors:

Google Analytics
PPC advertising campaigns
Facebook Ad Manager
Google AdWords
keyword optimization
blogging on behalf of your brand
and integrating high-quality backlinks to build your brand’s authority

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Why invest in Amazon SEO?

Traditional SEO campaigns are necessary, but not sufficient for e-commerce brands and brick-and-mortar stores offering tangible products. While local SEO and franchise SEO services improve a product’s ranking on Google or Bing, these standard methods don’t affect Amazon product ranking. Since Google and Amazon are different companies with different goals for their users, the algorithms aren’t the same. Unique priorities between search engines and Amazon mean focusing on building SEO ranking independently to maximize each.


Amazon SEO - Amazon SEO

In line with Amazon’s algorithm, we focus on the following aspects when building your brand’s credibility within Amazon:

industries - Amazon SEOReviews: product ranking reflects your product’s reputation


hyperlocalresource - Amazon SEOKeywords: high-density keyword descriptions will appear above competitors for the same term in search results


targeted - Amazon SEOImages: product photos should be high-resolution, accurate, and enticing.


website - Amazon SEOBranding: with KitelyTech, brand consultation is included with Amazon SEO services, because factors like pricing, conversion rate, and popularity affect your SEO performance on this platform

Most tech-savvy companies today have benefitted from a well-executed traditional SEO campaign, but fewer brands are familiar with what they stand to gain by improving their Amazon SEO Services. Take the first step to improving your sales today by requesting a free consultation with KitelyTech Amazon PPC and SEO experts.