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Software can be the edge that businesses need to stand out in different markets. It lets staff members do the work of several people in a much shorter amount of time. Plus, having access to nearly infinite data resources, computing power, and analytical tools makes expanding a company easier than ever before.



    Despite the potential for software to be a major advantage, many businesses let it be a weakness. Software that does not fit your business’ needs can make it harder to finish work, not easier. In these cases, custom-developed software is the answer.

    KitelyTech is one of the leaders in software development in Chicago. Let us make it easier for you to grow your business with custom software development services.

    Software Development

    Software in Business

    The reason software is so important is that it can make business tasks much easier. For example, a manufacturing company can have a single system that manages the entire business. Here is an example of how businesses leverage software:

    • When materials come in, they are logged into the system.
    • The production teams see that the materials have arrived and they get to work, logging finished items in the system.
    • The sales team sees that products are ready and sell what they have.
    • The sales department reports its earnings to the finance department, which pays bills and manages accounts.
    • The management team collects all the relevant data from the system and plans where the business goes from there.

    Every aspect of business operations is contained within a single system, which was likely custom-built for the company. Information sharing is faster and more accurate. Plus, integrated analytical tools can make it easier to see how the company is performing. This could be your business too with the help of a custom software development company in Chicago.

    Why You Should Choose KitelyTech

    KitelyTech is a leading software development agency in Chicago with a history of developing custom software and other technologies for businesses. Our team has extensive experience in software development for commercial and industrial applications. We also stay up-to-date on the latest industry best practices and emerging technologies. This way, we can give you the best combination of skills and experience to make the system that works best for you.


    One of the most important aspects of creating a stellar software product is fostering a good relationship with our client. Having a good relationship ensures great two-way communication between us and the client.

    Therefore, we look forward to meeting with our clients to talk shop and to get to know what makes your business special. And don’t worry if you are outside of Miami. We can have a virtual meetup, just as we do with our international clientele. In case you haven’t picked up on our subtle cue, we greatly value communication with our clients because we want to make sure the software product we create for you is you.

    Custom Software vs. Pre-Built Software

    One of the biggest objections to using custom software is the fact that there are already many pre-built systems available on the market. To be clear, it is perfectly acceptable to create a system made out of these pre-built components. Most businesses do this with varying levels of success. However, pre-build software is designed to fit a wide range of businesses and situations while inherently sacrificing performance and other qualities to maintain the balance.

    With custom software, you do not have to compromise in different areas to create a system that works best for your business. Every aspect of the system can be tailored to your needs making it more intuitive and effective at facilitating business operations. Your business will operate more efficiently, making customers and staff members happy, and resolving one of the biggest drags on business growth.


    Cost vs. Investment

    The other biggest concern when considering custom software is the cost. It is difficult to provide an accurate cost assessment until your project has been reviewed by our team, but we can tell you that you should see custom software as an investment in your company.

    Investing in custom software removes many of the problems that can hold your business back, such as efficiency problems and the difficulties in maintaining multiple systems. It also removes the cost of compiling multiple pre-built systems. If your software is well-maintained and kept up to date, you won’t need new software for a very long time. This can reduce your long-term costs by preventing future software purchases.



    Leveraging Software Development Services

    To achieve a level of interconnectedness like the company in this example, your business should leverage software development services. By partnering with a software development company, you can create systems that do more than meet your needs.

    You can have systems that are specifically designed to make your company more productive and profitable. KitleyTech offers this type of software development services in Chicago.

    Let’s Get Started

    Making the switch to custom software may seem like it is a major step, but it is the step that can change how your business operates for the better. With your own system, your company can achieve its development goals faster and provide a higher level of quality to your customers.

    Contact KitelyTech to discuss your business’ software needs. We are one of the leading software development companies in Chicago with a history of providing the best software for companies that need new technology. Let us help you revolutionize your business with custom software development services that can deliver software that makes your business everything that you hoped it would be.