Google Remarketing



All businesses have the same goal conversions.


Whether a product- or service-based company, every brand strives to turn leads into paying customers. The first step in this process is getting on the consumer’s radar. Step one is achieved with SEO, SEM, PPC management, and display advertising campaigns. Once a user has laid eyes on your site, you begin building rapport with brand recognition. A successful remarketing campaign ensures that groundwork doesn’t go to waste.


What does a remarketing ad look like?

Remarketing ads are as dynamic and varied in content as initial advertisements are. They are composed of text, image, video, and any combination, thereof.


What is Google remarketing?

Remarketing allows a brand to display ads to users who have previously visited its site or used its mobile app. Any time a potential customer leaves your site without making a purchase, this is tracked. Web browsers, mobile apps, and search engines like Google can help you reconnect with these users by displaying relevant ads.


Our Google remarketing services

Google standard remarketing
Google harnesses its “display network” of over 2 million websites, apps, and videos where AdWords can appear to display your ads as consumers go about their business

Dynamic remarketing
These ads also appear on Google’s display network. They level up from standard remarketing by personalizing the ads consumers see. Dynamic remarketing tailors the ad to include the good or service the user was viewing on your website within the remarketed ad. While more expensive and time-consuming to create, these ads often perform at the highest level, and so are worth the extra investment.

Video remarketing
This is a great option for brands with YouTube videos and/or YouTube channels. Google will integrate your 15-second ad as the customers you’re retargeting browse YouTube and its affiliated display network.

Mobile app remarketing
Applicable to consumers who have used your brand’s mobile app, this type of remarketing shows ads for your company to users interacting with other mobile apps or mobile-friendly sites.

Search ad remarketing
A sub-category of PPC advertising. This allows Google to display your search engine marketing campaigns to users as they conduct follow-up searches in the search engine after leaving your website.

The standard ecommerce conversion rate is 2%. Let us help you capture the remaining 98% of users’ sales.