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Graphic Design

Build brand identity & propel awareness of your products & offerings with KitelyTech’s graphic design services.



    High-quality graphic design is essential to making businesses and organizations successful. Graphics define how the world sees those companies and well-designed graphics can drive traffic and engagement within a target audience. Take advantage of graphic design services to make your business a well-known entity in your industry.

    Graphic design services can make the difference between success and failure for your business. Here is how KitelyTech can help you with graphic design services.


    If your organization needs to brand, market, or advertise, then you need graphic design services to help you get started. Here are the graphic design services that we offer at KitelyTech:

    Logo Design


    Your logo is the most recognized part of your company’s brand. Every logo is different, which is why they serve as the brand mark for companies. Customers associate the company’s values and the experiences that they have had through the company with its logo. By building a strong reputation for quality service, your company can use its logo to help customers associate those positive experiences with everything that the company offers.

    The process of creating the best logo for your company begins with getting to know your company. Working with a graphic design team, you’ll uncover the traits that represent your company, and turn them into a recognizable brand. Then, a logo that is both stylish and memorable can be designed using a variety of techniques to create something unique.

    Our custom logo design services will give you a logo that you can use in a variety of different mediums to associate products and services with your brand. You’ll partner with our team, which includes logo design specialists who study the best logos and development techniques from around the world. Through a proven process of studying your business, target audience, and the market, we can help you design a logo that fits your company.



    Think about all of the times you have done business with a company and had to sign documents. Those documents were designed by someone who wanted to create stationery that made the company look more professional. Lawyers, service companies, and businesses of all varieties use stationery every day, which makes it a great way to present your company as a professional resource to solve customers’ needs.

    If documentation and correspondence are a big part of your company’s operations, then having custom stationery design services can help you present your company more effectively to customers. Stationery design requires attention to detail and a deep understanding of subtle communication. Letterhead, for example, is a reflection of your company. You want it to be as polished as possible.

    Our team of graphic designers can design your stationery so that it makes a good impression on your customers. We can also design any type of stationery that you need. That way, you’ll have consistent branding across all of your correspondence. From letterhead to business cards, our team can help you develop whatever stationery that you need. This also includes electronic options, like email signatures. With much of modern communication happening online, having digital stationery that matches your printed stationery shows that you are focused on reaching the customer in the best way possible.



    A brochure can be an effective way of delivering a lot of information about a product or service in a little bit of space. This why brochures are popular. They make it easy to expose customers to products and services that they are interested in without the need to make a purchase or other commitment.

    Brochures also have the advantage of being cost-effective when it comes to educating customers. You can tell customers a lot about a particular product in just three panels. Brochures are also versatile in terms of focus. Typically they focus on one or two key things, such as educating customers about the company or a line of products with multiple SKUs. You can decide how much or how little to tell customers in the brochure, giving you one of the best ways of starting a conversation and introducing customers to your sales funnel.

    To get the most use out of your brochures, turn to our custom brochure design services to help you make the right brochure for your needs. Our team of graphic designers will get to know everything about your product or service so that they can include the most important information. Plus, we can come up with a design that compliments your offering so that it is a brochure that shows what you have to offer in the best possible light.

    Banner Design


    When you want to draw attention to your shop, a booth, or a tent at an outdoor event, a company banner is your best option. A well-made banner not only draws attention but also gives you the ability to extend your brand to wherever you are. You can send staff members to events and set up stands wherever you want to interact with your customers. Because of the banner, they will immediately know who you are and all of your work giving your brand the best reputation will help you stand out in the community.

    Custom banner design services help you develop a banner from scratch. You can start by developing an effective brand identity if you are starting a business, or you can determine what your message needs to be. After that, the process focuses on conveying that brand or message effectively. This means making the banner clear and concise but detailed enough to engage customers and drive traffic.

    Color choices, typefaces, pictures, and more all come together into one cohesive message about your company or about your message. Our team has experience defining all of these aspects of banner design, as well as working with different materials to give you the best planner possible.



    There are many opportunities that a great presentation can unlock for you. Whether it is for a meeting with potential investors, a report for the CEO of the company, or a public presentation to about upcoming changes in the community, the quality of that presentation will determine how well your message is received. Fortunately, your message can be well-received with a high-quality, highly-developed presentation.

    Making a good presentation relies on storytelling. Whatever message you are trying to convey, creating an effective narrative to organize your information makes the deliver much more effective. When we work on presentations, we start by seeing what your overall narrative is. Then, we plan every step through it so that the information flows effortlessly and makes your point clear.

    We also look for ways that we can illustrate the key points of your presentation. Graphics are an important part of every presentation, especially since most people are visual and experiential learners. By presenting information in visual and spoken ways at the same time, people tend to understand that information clearly and with more detail.

    Having illustrated graphics, data visualizations, and pictures can help people understand what you are trying to say. By combining all of these elements into a single cohesive package, we can build you a presentation that will leave a great impression on anyone that attends your next meeting.

    Flyer Design


    If you want to get your message out quickly to a targeted audience, flyers may be the best way to do it. Flyers deliver targeted information to people that interact with your organization. Whether it is in your office or passing by on the street, flyers make it easy to deliver information about a specific product, service, event, or idea with minimal supplies effective graphics.

    Think about how many times you have received a flyer from someone. In most cases, those flyers can be a useful way of getting information about something important. Event organizers use flyers often because they can deliver specific information like the date, time, and location all on one sheet. Plus, people keep them as reminders of what they want to know more about later. If you use flyers effectively, they become an easy method of extending your interaction with interested customers and begin the process of generating a sale.

    The design of a flyer must be both focused and eye-catching. When the team at KitelyTech develops flyers, we start with the most important information that needs to be included. We combine that with eye-catching graphics that can instantly create a connecting with customers. The result is a flyer that you will want to hand out as much as possible to your target audience.

    Advertisement Design


    Advertisements are everywhere and only the most interesting advertisements help businesses attract customers. Because advertisements are commonplace, your ads must be special to attract attention. Our customer advertisement design services can give you unique ads that are not only interesting but also effective at communicating with customers.

    What makes a great advertisement? There are several factors that go into one. The most important part is providing relevant information. Without that, the advertisement cannot have the desired effect. The quality of the advertisement, whether it is print or multimedia, makes a big difference in how customers experience it. Finally, there is an artistic and aesthetical design, which is what draws viewers to the ad. All of these factors must be balanced for an ad to be effective.

    At KitelyTech, we start by focusing on these three factors to ensure that we make high-quality advertisements. Each ad is designed to be memorable in its own way. This way, it stands out from all of the other noise that people experience every day. We also use proven methods to make sure that your ad communicates effectively with viewers to deliver the most return on your investment. We have years of experience developing advertisements for a range of companies in different industries, making us a great choice to design your ads.

    Social Media Promotion


    In the current age of social media, promoting your business online has never been easier. Customers want more than just a company to sell them products. They want to be a part of a community of people that use your products and services to improve their lives. Your company can be at the center of that community with effective social media promotion by building a community around itself and offering additional chances to engage and participate in the community.

    Social media promotions provide one of the most powerful tools in closing sales: social proof. When customers can see that other people used your services and had positive results, they are more likely to trust you. This can be a major benefit when it comes to sales and driving traffic for your company, but there are specific ways of doing this.

    To get the best results, partner with KitelyTech to manage your social media accounts. Each platform has different rules and best practices for success. We understand the methods for getting the most out of your social media channels. With our custom social media promotion services, making your company an influence through multiple platforms can be the way to expand your company exponentially.


    Why KitelyTech is Your Best Graphic Design Agency Choice?

    Graphic design services can open up a world of possibilities for you and your company if you put those services to good use. At KitelyTech, we have the skills and experience to make your next graphic design project a success. Contact KitelyTech at (312) 254-8248 to get started on your next project.

    What is Graphic Design?

    Graphic design is the art and science of creating graphics that support a purpose. In this case, the purpose is to help your organization connect with customers. It combines the beauty of visual art techniques with the science of effective visual communication to create something that looks great and helps you grow your business. Companies use graphic design services to develop branding, marketing, and advertising materials. These applications are used to present an attractive and unified brand.

    Who Needs Graphic Design Services?

    Any company, organization, or brand can benefit from graphic design services. There is both an art and a science to graphic design. Without sufficient skills in both, the designs that are created are usually not as effective as they could be. You want your company to present itself, its products, and services in the best way. Partnering with graphic design agencies makes this possible. If you need to market yourself or your business, graphic design companies can help.

    Who is the most famous graphic design company?

    When learning about graphic design services, one of the best ways to start is by learning about the work of Paul Rand. He is widely considered to be the father of graphic design, and his work still defines the industry. As far as graphic design companies, Pentagram is the largest and most well-known company. It has worked with industry leaders like Starbucks, Verizon, Rolls-Royce, and Saks Fifth Avenue to name a few. Their work continues to set a high standard for graphic design, but good design work is available at any price level.