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Local SEO


Businesses need to generate leads to increase their sales and generate revenue. In an increasingly digital age where consumers can buy from anywhere in the world, attracting local consumers can seem overwhelming for new companies. The advancements in digital systems and SEO are a blessing, not a curse if you can leverage your online presence to attract local business. This is where local SEO can take your business from struggling in a digital age to the most popular shop in town.




    An SEO agency can offer a variety of local SEO services focused on drawing in consumers in the area around your business. There are plenty of ways to do this. In most cases, the local SEO agency will follow the same path as it would for any other SEO project. However, it uses slightly different methods to focus the target area. Rather than showing up in searches for consumers and businesses in different parts of the world, your company can become the leading resource when customers search for “[your service] near me”.

    What is Local SEO ?

    Local SEO services apply search engine strategies to help your website rank higher in your priority local markets. This technique is created by the claiming of local directory listings, building local citations and on-page optimization. SEO has proven to be an important marketing strategy for companies with physical locations.

    Why start?

    Local SEO is paramount for geo-specific brands. The higher your Google ranking, the greater the number of local customers you will see coming through your doors. Today’s consumers are using the local results of the search engines far more often than the other more traditional sources such as Yellow Pages. If you aren’t visible on page 1 or the maps, then chances are that you are missing out on a substantial amount of paying customers.

    How to Begin Using Local SEO for Your Business

    One of the best ways to start using local SEO to help your business is to partner with a local SEO company. There are many of these companies around the world, but you should try to choose one that is close to home. This way, they have a better understanding of the SEO and marketing needs for an area, and will be easier to collaborate with.

    Local SEO

    KitelyTech’s Local SEO team delivers search engine results to companies looking to maximize their rankings in local markets. We have the experience, skills, and resources to make your SEO efforts easier and more successful. By partnering with us, you are making a lasting commitment to make your company one of the leading product and service providers in your field in the area around your business. We can help you make that happen with effective local SEO strategies and campaigns.


    The key to optimizing search engine results for local businesses is providing Google’s algorithm with clear, consistent and reputable information about where your business is located and what products or services it offers.

    optimizationPriming your web page for local search

    Using techniques such as schema markup, NAP data and localized keyword selection, we local seo company make your business’s purpose and place of operation clear to search engines.

    mapoptimizationLocal Maps Optimization

    Ensuring your business exists, and can be accurately accessed via the “maps” tab of search engine results, is imperative. We maximize your maps ranking by submitting your profiles, claiming missing listings, soliciting reviews from existing or previous customers and standardizing NAP data.

    contentmarketingLocalized Content Marketing

    We optimize your content to draw in customers from your key/local area(s). We work closely with you to develop informative, creative content to keep your local audience coming back for more.



    Your local area is full of potential customers that need your specific product, service or offering. We help them find you before your competitors, which most often means they’ll choose you over your competitors.

    industriesEstablished Industry Backlinks

    Google’s organic search result algorithm heavily prioritizes business listing citations or “backlinks.” We standardize the “language” of backlinks to your business (on Yelp, Yellowpages, social media, etc) where they exist and create accounts on the most reputable third-party sites to elevate the legitimacy of your brand in the eyes of Google.

    Hyperlocal ResourcesHyperlocal Resources

    The strength of a website’s search engine ranking can vary depending on the geographic coordinates of the searcher. We identify which sites in your business’s vicinity are the most reputable and mimic their formula for SEO success for you.

    targetedTargeted Outreach

    In every branch of SEO, every backlink adds another layer of legitimacy to your site which is reflected in an improved Google ranking. We’ll seek out and present you with potential partnership opportunities to get you listed on other meritorious blogs, social media channels or news outlets catering to your town & industry.



    To ensure you understand what to expect, we are highlighting three major categories of reports you can expect from us to showcase your progress:

    reportrankingDetailed Ranking Reports

    Know where you stand in search engine rankings at all times with our dashboard, offering you daily screenshots and full reports on any keyword(s).

    linkbuildingLink Building & Citation Reporting

    We keep meticulous, continuous records of every citation and backlink connection we earn on your behalf.


    websitereportWebsite Analytic Reporting

    Our proprietary client-facing dashboard combined with Google’s powerful Analytics platform gives you a crystal-clear picture of how our marketing is improving your business’s search rankings and results.

    Let’s Start Your Project Today

    If your business could benefit from more traffic and business in your local area, then it is time to find a local SEO consultant that can help you. Contact KitleyTech to schedule a consultation with our local SEO specialists. Let us help you grow your business with the right SEO services.


    At the beginning of a project, there are many questions to help clarify the process and the work being done. Here are some of the questions that we answer most often:

    What Goes into Our Local SEO Packages?

    A local SEO package is designed to improve your search engine ranking for local product and service searches. This package can include a variety of services including:

    1. Content marketing: Developing content for your media channels that have optimized SEO and can raise your search engine rankings.

    2. On-page optimization: Improving the content on your website by optimizing it for search engines.

    3. Link Building: Creating more links to your site and content to make it rank higher by having more pages connected to it.

    4. Listing services: Listing your website with multiple search engines so that your site will be in the directory when people search for related services or product providers.

    5. Feedback monitoring: Continued monitoring of campaigns and making corrections to strategies to improve results.

    Creating local SEO packages is a process that can include many of the standard services, or focus on specific items to reach your goals. We partner all of our clients with a local SEO expert who can help you develop the right plan for your organization.

    How Local SEO Services Help Your Business Grow?

    Local SEO solutions can help your business grow by attracting a local audience. Rather than focusing on creating a major global presence, all of the SEO and marketing efforts are concentrated on becoming the leading provider within your area. It is a much more focused method with easily measurable results and more clearly defined goals. It should generate more leads and traffic from local audiences, leading to more sales from people in your store and in your area.

    Why Hire a Local SEO Company?

    If your company is driven by local traffic, like a restaurant or local service providers, then hiring a local SEO company can improve your business. It will position you closer to the top of the provider list for people who are within driving distance from your location, increasing the chances that they will choose you over any other provider. This can be done by improving your SEO ranking through services like Google local SEO, which ranks your business with others in the area.

    How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

    The cost of local SEO services varies based on the project and on the company you choose. There are many options that make these services more affordable and accessible to companies that need them. One of the best ways to get a better idea of the costs is to consult a local SEO company in your area. Just search “SEO company near me”, and any search engine can give you the top-rated SEO companies in your area.

    Why Local SEO is Important?

    Local SEO is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your location. If you operate a business that is reliant on foot traffic, then you want to increase the amount of traffic as much as possible. Local business SEO can give you the traffic that you need through effective marketing and positioning online.