Mobile Application Development Atlanta



KitelyTech specializes in both multi-platform synchronization & standalone mobile app creation on iOS, Android, and Windows




    If the internet is the Wild West, mobile application development is the next frontier to be conquered.

    Mobile app development and upkeep is integral for all businesses regardless of the business segment. Smartphones are pocket-sized computers and everyone has one. This gives companies the opportunity to connect with customers every waking minute and the most efficient way to way to connect to customers, therefore, is through a mobile application.

    At KitelyTech, we’ll help you create a working app from your concepts, solving problems and giving your mobile app the ability to be a potential game changer. At the risk of bragging, our team is best in class when it comes to app development for iOS, Android and Windows in Atlanta. We’ve spent years perfecting our strategy so that we can offer our clients a one-stop shop for everything from mobile application development to complete app marketing. Our team’s wealth of knowledge allows us to position ourselves as an industry leader and the most reliable Atlanta mobile app development company in the space today.Our developers serve up a level of knowledge of major platforms and frameworks used in mobile app development that is unrivaled, allowing KitelyTech to meet your project requirements head on.


    In 2014, mobile internet browsing officially overtook desktop browsing–even laptops! Yes, the early bird definitely did get the worm!

    People spend 86% of their time on smartphones using apps. Why? Because smartphones are the new computer.

    Across all sites, from weather to retail, people most commonly report “multi-platform” web surfing.

    750 million people have become mobile-only internet users (they access the internet exclusively via smartphone) in the last 5 years.

    Mobile has consistently hovered around 50% of all internet usage since 2017.

    80% of Facebook and Google’s ad revenue came courtesy of mobile devices.

    With more and more people browsing and shopping online from their smartphones and tablets, engaging with potential clients and customers has never been easier. But with great power comes great responsibility challenges. These new channels require businesses to create a mobile-friendly experience that aligns their brand identity and site functionality across all platforms while staying up to date with the latest technology and innovation.

    KitelyTech is always up for the challenge because we apply our time-tested process to mobile application development. We like to get to know your business and clientele so that we are able to customize unique experience that drives results, both on your mobile app and website.

    While some iOS and Android app development companies in Atlanta are known to disappear for weeks at a time, we like to communicate with our clients regularly throughout the project, not just at major milestones. We don’t “set it and forget it.” We’re your partners who become stakeholders in your success. Whether building a standalone mobile app or an app to work in tandem with your site, KitelyTech is with you from start to finish.



    We get right to work to help you fortify your app and business plans. We perform a thorough analysis to ensure the best strategy before we begin development.


    Check our stats: we come with a multitude of app experience as well as more than 8 years of perfecting the KitelyTech team and mobile app development services menu.


    We’re always available to our clients. We are dedicated to being a part of a team and creating the best products and services.


    Our work goes beyond completion of your app. Our marketing team is here to help build brand awareness so potential clients, customers and users can find you and learn about your app.


    We’ll transfer your app from the platform it was created on to the best platform for your business. We know that not all developers are created equal, so we have plenty of experience taking over projects midstream.