Mobile Application Development Miami


Mobile App Development Miami

If you are looking for exceptional mobile app development in Miami, then you have come to the right place. KitelyTech is a full-service mobile app development agency, specializing in both standalone mobile app development on iOS, Android, and Windows as well as multi-platform synchronization.




The internet is still a wild and vast world and mobile application development is the next frontier to be conquered.

At KitelyTech, we understand the important role mobile application development and maintenance is for the success of business growth.

Why? Think about this. There are 7 billion people on this planet, most of whom have mobile phones. The mobile phones of today are like little hand-held computers that consumers are using to browse and shop from more and more. This means the best way to connect with customers is with the right mobile application solutions.

Our Miami mobile app development team will build beautiful, seamless, and functional apps from your ideas, elevating your business and brand and propelling, giving your business and brand a competitive edge.

It is no secret that our mobile app developers are best in class when it comes to app development for Android, iOS, and Windows in Miami.

We have perfected our systems and strategies over the years, providing clients with a one-stop-shop for all their needs, from mobile app development to a full app marketing campaign.

Our mobile app developers put their expertise to great use, allowing us to position ourselves as a leading industry Miami mobile app development company with a reputation for quality and dependability.

Our highly skilled Miami app developers aren’t just knowledgeable about major platforms and frameworks used in mobile app development, but they are dedicated to staying ahead of trends in app development. Their extraordinary discipline allows KitelyTech to meet your design and business requirement needs head on



In 2014, mobile internet browsing overtook computer browsing and continues to draw more mobile browsers.

People spend 86% of their time on smartphones using apps. Why? Because smartphones are mini supercomputers that allow users to do virtually anything. And they are always accessible.
Across all industries, people most commonly report “multi-platform” web surfing.

In the last 5 years, 750 million people report using the internet exclusively via smartphone.
Mobile has consistently hovered around 50% of all internet usage since 2017.

80% of Facebook and Google’s ad revenue came courtesy of mobile devices.

Mobile app development is vital to the success of business growth because more and more people browse and shop online from their smartphones and tablets. Engaging with potential customers and clients has never been easier! At KitelyTech, however, we know that with great power comes great responsibility and challenges. Businesses are required to create a mobile-friendly experience that aligns their brand identity to their site’s functionality across all platforms, all while staying up to date with the latest technology and innovation.

KitelyTech’s time-tested methods and processes are applied to each stage of our mobile application development process. Our methods:

Taking time to get to know and understand our client’s business and target audience

Using information about your business and audience to customize unique app experiences that drive results on both your mobile app and website.


One aspect of our process is effective communication with our clients. Not only do we listen to our client’s needs, but we keep our clients updated each step of the way, not just at major milestones. Some iOS and Android app development companies in Miami may disappear for weeks at a time, leaving their clients wondering about the process.


We get right to work building a stellar mobile app product that coincides with your business plans. We perform a thorough analysis to ensure the best strategy before we begin development.


Our developers come with a multitude of app development experience that spans more than 10 years of perfecting the KitelyTech team and mobile app development services menu.


We want our clients to know that we are always available. We are dedicated to working as a team and creating the best mobile app products and services.


Our work goes beyond completion of your app. Our marketing team is here to help build brand awareness so potential clients, customers and users can find you and learn about your app.


We will transfer your app from the platform it was created on to the best platform for your business. We know that not all developers are created equal, so we have plenty of experience taking over projects midstream.