SEO Services in Chicago

Doing business online takes many forms, but all of those forms rely on your ability to develop content. Whether it is written text, videos, or pictures, it will be accompanied by text that helps search engines determine its value. If your content does not appear to be what search engines think is the best, then you won’t be one of the first options that search engines present to potential customers.




    Understanding SEO

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a series of practices that prepare written content for search engines. Search engines scan web pages for written content and rank that content based on how well it meets its criteria. It creates a list of all of its search findings with the highest-ranked content in a specific field listed on top.

    When customers look for specific services, they search for keywords in the search engine. For example, a customer that needs a plumber will enter “plumber Chicago, Illinois” in the search engine. All of the pages that the engine finds related to Chicago plumbers will be listed in order starting from the one that the search engine ranks highest.

    As a business, you want to be as close to the top of this list as possible, making you a more likely choice for customers. SEO services can help you do that.


    KitelyTech is one of the leading SEO companies in the Chicago area, but we can also work remotely. Partnering with us is an effective way of improving your short-term SEO performance, and cultivating long-term strategies and results. A big part of this is because we have an established process that is proven effective and focuses on collaboration. Some of the reasons why you will love working with KitelyTech include:

    campaignGet a Whole Campaign, Not Disparate Half-Starts

    We’re a full-service local seo company that delivers campaigns worth more than the sum of its parts – strategic expertise in every area of SEO results for multi-pronged, synergistic campaigns.

    transparencyWe Deliver Reliable and Transparent SEO Services

    Clear and open communication are the bedrock of every successful relationship and the more informed you are about the tactics we are implementing, the better you can help us perfect the voice and direction of our strategy and recommendation for your brand. Click here to access the SEO client dashboard.

    resultBenchmark Progress: Lead Tracking & Validation

    So what exactly do we mean when we promise “measurable results,” and how will you be able to hold us accountable? You will have access to daily-updated dashboards showcasing tracked leads, validated leads and sales conversions, among other metrics.

    1. Lead tracking: checking in on prospective clients/customers who have indicated an interest in your company’s product(s) or service(s)
    2. Lead validation: the sales leads accrued by way of advertising and other media/marketing campaigns, parsed from other conversion types (such as purchasing conversions, for example)

    Why You Need SEO Services

    SEO services are important for your business since search engine traffic accounts for a large portion of business leads. Partnering with an SEO firm in Chicago can help you establish better SEO policies that keep you close to the top of the list.

    It is possible but difficult to develop SEO policies on your own. Search engines are based on complex algorithms that are changed often to improve the quality of the search results. With this in mind, it is easy to see why an SEO-focused business partner is so important. Unless you have a lot of time and resources to commit to staying up-to-date on SEO practices, you won’t be able to keep up with the changes.

    SEO Options for Business

    If your company has online assets, like a blog or online ads, SEO makes those assets more effective. Because of this, making your assets SEO-friendly should be a top priority. There are several ways that you can leverage SEO services to help your business.

    Partnering with an SEO company gives you access to all of these methods so that you can address SEO practices across all of your operations. Several of your options include:

    • SEO Analysis and Strategy

      One of the most common ways is to have an SEO consultant analyze your needs and help you develop a plan to improve your SEO practices. Many websites have blogs but do not have an SEO plan. A consultant can create a plan to help you create high-quality content that search engines look for.

    • Content Creation

      Some SEO companies can also create content for your website and blog. Many companies turn to this service to help them create content for a blog, which is effective in maintaining high search rankings.

    • Website Review and Optimization

      Another common option is to do an analysis of your current website. If your site is covered in content that does not rank well, your business will struggle to see any of the benefits of high rankings. An SEO consultant can complete the analysis and develop content with higher SEO rankings.

    • Mobile SEO

      Your website is more likely to be viewed on a mobile device, like a smartphone, than a desktop. To get the best performance out of your website, it should be optimized for mobile search engine performance. This way, your website will drive traffic no matter which device it is viewed on.

    • Keyword Research

      At the heart of all SEO practices are keywords. They are the words used to search for something through a search engine. Identifying the right keywords is the key to ensuring that your website performs well with all search engines. We have the tools to do that research and incorporate it into your website.

    • Link Building

      Another thing that search engines look for on your website is links. If your website is linked by many other websites, that means that it has become a knowledge resource for the community. We help build the links that you need for search engines to recognize how important your website is.

    Choose KitelyTech for your SEO Needs

    Regardless of what your SEO needs are, KitelyTech can help your company improve its SEO rank. We have extensive experience leading SEO projects for businesses, analyzing their needs, and driving traffic to stores and websites. With many successful projects under our belt, we can help you achieve the market recognition and appeal that you need to drive traffic through SEO.

    Local SEO Services in Chicago

    If you run a business that is limited to a local market, like a restaurant, then focusing on driving traffic in that local market is the key to your success. KitleyTech is a leading local SEO services company in Chicago that can help you increase your local traffic and create a local community around your business.