Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the areas that every company with an online presence needs to focus on to grow their business. Having a high SEO ranking drives online engagement and helps companies generate leads. However, many companies struggle to raise their SEO ranking for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they don’t have an SEO strategy. In other cases, they don’t understand how to use their SEO strategy effectively. One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the most out of your SEO, partner with a professional SEO company like KitelyTech.




    Businesses spend an incredible amount of time and money building their brands.

    KitelyTech’s Professional SEO services ensure that both new and returning customers can easily locate your site when looking for a product or service. Our strategy for search engine optimization differs from client to client. No two businesses are exactly the same nor are the strategies that will maximize their ROI. KitelyTech takes the time to understand our client’s needs before recommending a custom process. There are core components to an SEO campaign that you can count on KitelyTech to provide: strategy consultation & planning, content writing, cultivation & marketing, conversion optimization, lead generation and measurable business growth. Our communication will be transparent & the benchmarks trackable.


    KitelyTech is one of the leading SEO companies in the Chicago area, but we can also work remotely. Partnering with us is an effective way of improving your short-term SEO performance, and cultivating long-term strategies and results. A big part of this is because we have an established process that is proven effective and focuses on collaboration. Some of the reasons why you will love working with KitelyTech include:

    campaignGet a Whole Campaign, Not Disparate Half-Starts

    We’re a full-service local seo company that delivers campaigns worth more than the sum of its parts – strategic expertise in every area of SEO results for multi-pronged, synergistic campaigns.

    transparencyWe Deliver Reliable and Transparent SEO Services

    Clear and open communication are the bedrock of every successful relationship and the more informed you are about the tactics we are implementing, the better you can help us perfect the voice and direction of our strategy and recommendation for your brand. Click here to access the SEO client dashboard.

    resultBenchmark Progress: Lead Tracking & Validation

    So what exactly do we mean when we promise “measurable results,” and how will you be able to hold us accountable? You will have access to daily-updated dashboards showcasing tracked leads, validated leads and sales conversions, among other metrics.

    1. Lead tracking: checking in on prospective clients/customers who have indicated an interest in your company’s product(s) or service(s)
    2. Lead validation: the sales leads accrued by way of advertising and other media/marketing campaigns, parsed from other conversion types (such as purchasing conversions, for example)

    Benefits of SEO Services

    SEO is an effective way of increasing your online presence and getting the attention of potential customers without increasing your marketing budget and resources. Instead, improving your SEO strategy and implementation makes the assets that you already have work better for you. For example, many companies use blogs to generate content for their websites and to improve their search engine rankings. By improving the SEO practices for the blog, your company can see a greater return on its content development investments.

    SEO services make it easier to maximize your returns from search engines, which is one of the leading ways that clients find companies. This is especially true of business SEO services, which focus on getting businesses in front of customers. Investing in SEO services can change a business that is struggling to find customers to a company that has to expand to meet the needs of many customers.

    Should I Hire an SEO Company?

    Optimizing content for search engines can be a complicated procedure. This is because there are many policies and rules for SEO and how search engines rank content. Plus, these rules can change on a yearly basis depending on which platform is being used. Google, the largest search engine in the world, is known for making abrupt changes to its search engine algorithm (the system that is used to automatically scan and rank content).

    Working with an agency can significantly change how difficult it is to improve your search engine rankings. SEO agencies focus on keeping up-to-date on the search engine algorithm changes and finding new ways of making high-quality content. In essence, it is the same as recruiting an SEO consultant for your company. The potential benefit can lead to major growth for your company.

    What to Ask Any SEO Company Before Hiring Them?

    While finding an SEO company is easy with the number that is available on the market, all SEO companies are not the same. It is important to try to find a company that you will work well with. Ask these questions before you start working with an SEO company:

    • What is Your Process?

      All of the best SEO companies have a process that they follow to develop SEO strategies and campaigns. That doesn’t mean that all of the projects end the same way, but they do need to follow a proven path for success. Any SEO company should be able to explain what its process is in detail so that you can understand how your process is going to flow.

    • How Am I Involved in the Process?

      It is also important to ask how you can be involved in the process. There are SEO companies that stick to the old project method where they disappear and return later with a completed project. The problem is that you didn’t have any say in how things were developed, and the results are hit or miss. Find a company that will work with you throughout the process to ensure that you can have a say in how everything is made and to ensure that the results will align with your goals.

    • How Do You Develop SEO campaigns?

      SEO improvement projects often result in new campaigns, just like you would expect a marketing campaign or a sales campaign to work. New content is developed that follows a specific strategy to help improve your search engine rankings. Ask how the SEO company develops SEO campaigns to get an idea of what the end results will be. If it is something that appeals to you, this may be the right company for your needs.

    • How Do You Monitor Campaign Performance?

      No matter how much work is done to ensure that small business SEO campaigns go well, there is always room for improvement, and there will always be problems. Your SEO company needs to have a plan to monitor the campaign’s performance and to make changes to reach your goals.

    • What Projects Have You Worked On Lately?

      You want to partner with a company that has a record of receiving achievements. This way, you can gauge the quality of their work and see what the results of their work turns out to be. Plus, you can see if they are staying up to date on the latest best practices and see if other companies are willing to invest in a similar partnership with that company.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of improving your company’s organic Google results by maximizing the impact of the most heavily-weighed factors in the search engine’s algorithm. We implement a consistent 5-step approach that parallels the structured nature of search engine ranking criteria:

    Professional Seo

    reasearchandanalyticsDiscovery, Research & Analysis

    The information gathering phase: we get to know you, your business, your industry and your goals.


    With your help,Confer upon measurable benchmarks, objectives and timetables.


    Prepare lead-tracking software and additional technical tools to measure success against benchmarks in the execution phase.


    We put our agreed-upon plan into action.

    strategyAnalytics & Continuous Improvement

    Review data from your campaign to make adjustments that maximize the results.

    Let’s Work Together to Improve Your SEO Strategy

    There are many elements in SEO strategy development and implementation that can trip-up even the best business leaders. Fortunately, you can make your company’s SEO and lead generation far more effective and less stressful by partnering with KitelyTech.

    At KitelyTech, we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to lead you to a better SEO platform that generates leads and supports your business growth goals. We can help you create an SEO strategy that provides quick improvements, but also establishes practices for future content development. With this new system in place, your company can maximize its ROI from content and digital channels. If your company needs help with SEO, contact KitelyTech to set-up a consultation.


    Trying to understand the nuances of SEO leads to many questions about how to improve SEO rankings, how it all works, and how to understand where your current SEO strategy places you. Here are some of the questions that we answer the most:

    What Does an SEO Company Do?

    An SEO company provides services to help your company improve its search engine rankings. Every company has its own process, but they focus on the same goal. Usually, the SEO company will develop a strategy that will produce a higher ranking than what the company already has. Then, it will lead the creation of new content that follows the strategy. By including new content with better SEO qualities onto the company’s website and other digital channels, search engines will be more likely to rank the company higher than where it started.

    Many businesses partner with a B2B SEO agency in order to get the biggest return on its investments. SEO strategies form an important part of marketing programs and have the potential to significantly improve a company’s lead generation abilities.

    How Do I Find the Best SEO Company for My Needs?

    There are many high-quality SEO services available. Finding the best one for your needs depends on what your needs are. However, a company that offers organic seo services is likely to perform better than other companies. Organic SEO ranks more effectively and can lead to longer-lasting results. The best SEO services are the ones that can provide improvements while integrating into what your company already has that works.

    Do I Need SEO Services for My Business?

    Determining whether or not you need SEO services depends on how your company is performing. If your company already has strong SEO performance, you only need services if you need help maintaining that performance. If your company has low SEO performance, SEO services are the best way to improve that performance.

    What is an SEO Expert?

    An SEO Expert is someone who studies and understands the various methods of improving search engine rankings. Your company should include at least one SEO expert or company to ensure that your SEO strategies are effective and implemented well. This will give you the best change at benefitting from your online activities.

    What are the different SEO services?

    Seo companies can offer a variety of services. These include:

    1. SEO consultant services
    2. Content creation services
    3. Strategy development
    4. Campaign development
    5. SEO monitoring

    There are many other SEO services available that are not covered on this list. Every agency is different and can offer different services. The best way to find the services that you need is to contact the local agencies near you that can provide a consultation to see what your SEO needs are.

    How Much Does it Cost for SEO Services?

    The cost of SEO services varies based on which SEO service company you choose. There are two types of services involved. Continuous services, like SEO monitoring and blogging services, have ongoing per project or per month costs. Project services can also be long-term, but usually have a finite end and cost. The best way to determine what a project could cost is to see similar projects like it.