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SOFTWARE Development Miami

KitelyTech is a top-tier software development company in Miami. Our amazing techs develop and design exceptional software for clients, systematizing front-facing platforms with award winning software development systems and technologies. When it comes to quality, innovation, security, and having a competitive edge, KitelyTech is the team you want to work with.

Our software development teams pride ourselves on providing the best possible products possible, using the utmost care, best in industry tools to handle projects or any magnitude.



    Software Development

    KitelyTech uses dynamic technology that permits us to meet our clients demands. Our award-winning software solutions allow our clients to stay ahead of their competition with advanced tech.

    We have over ten years of experience as industry leaders, perfecting our processes for software development and designing best in industry products for clients across the U.S. Our incredibly skilled custom software development team in Miami is trained to deliver customized solutions, full-cycle software development, platform-based customization, and software maintenance.

    Our software development company in Miami can take your company to the next level with custom software development tailor-made for your company’s unique requirements, including providing a software service to your clients.


    One of the most important aspects of creating a stellar software product is fostering a good relationship with our client. Having a good relationship ensures great two-way communication between us and the client.

    Therefore, we look forward to meeting with our clients to talk shop and to get to know what makes your business special. And don’t worry if you are outside of Miami. We can have a virtual meetup, just as we do with our international clientele. In case you haven’t picked up on our subtle cue, we greatly value communication with our clients because we want to make sure the software product we create for you is you.


    • We work to ensure we understand your software goals and requirements before selecting the right team of software specialists for the project. Our Miami software development team will build customized software based on the criteria you give.
    • After our initial consultation and getting to know your company and brand, our software development team will engineer a complete strategy that includes a timeline for each project benchmark and the delivery of the final project. We want to work with you each step of the way for your feedback and approval, ensuring we don’t just create a good product, but we knock it out of the park.
    • Our strategy of clear communication, working together as a team, and setting clear project goals allows us to deliver to you a phenomenal project. And on time.
    • And our software development services in Miami doesn’t end with the delivery of a stellar software product. We also have a marketing team ready to formulate and execute an actionable strategy before you debut your product.


    Before anything, we make sure the right conditions are met before implementing your project.

    1. SOW – We will establish and approve a SOW (statement of work) first. Every decision we make reflects the client’s goals.

    2. Vision Alignment – We want to make sure KitelyTech’s vision aligns with what is most important to you and your business.

    3. Research – To be most effective, we gather information from your organization to help us work efficiently.

    4. Analysis – At your discretion, we will perform cost-benefit analyses and/or market research.

    5. Benchmarks – We set and approve benchmarks for performance, security and safety.



    Our custom software development team in Miami will build an MVP or minimum viable product to gather real data about your product. This is essentially a working prototype of your product with just enough features to gather essential data about the product and its continued development.



    One of the things KitelyTech in Miami takes pride in is our ability to stay on top of trends in the industry, exceeding industry standards, and being on the cutting edge of innovation. We combine the latest tech with our strong roots in the fundamentals of each and every major development platform to allow us to submit a product of the highest caliber for your approval.



    Our software development company has created industry-leading processes and procedures to maximize the product value, increase efficiency, while building a high-quality product.

    Not only will we build you a complete software product from the ground up, but if you have an existing piece of software that is unfinished or preconfigured outside of KitelyTech developers will implement our advanced processes to quickly analyze and troubleshoot the existing code so that we can build upon and improve the software.



    Quality assurance is an integral part of delivering high quality software to our clients. We always want to ensure that we deliver a product of the highest caliber. That’s why we thoroughly test each product before we submit any benchmark for approval. We’ve integrated quality assurance procedures into our development processes.



    We want our clients to never have to worry about not being kept in the loop. At KitelyTech, our clients are an extension of our team, and we work together to develop an outstanding product. Collaborating on building an exceptional product requires continuous dialogue to help work through challenges as they arise while formulating potential enhancements.