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Streamline your internal and consumer-facing platforms with KitelyTech’s industry leading custom software development services in Chicago.


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KitelyTech offers powerful software development intended to meet our customers’ unique demands.

Our skilled specialists take time to understand your business and deliver customized solutions that accord with the specified requirements within your time and budget parameters. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we provide software maintenance and platform-based customization.

Turn your company into a business juggernaut with robust, custom-made software tailored to either the internal needs of your own business or the whims of your clients (“external”/“customer-facing” software). We deliver on time, so you can close external software deals with confidence and rest assured your team will be ready to roll out internal software on the scheduled date.

Have sensitive data to log and transfer within your business? When privacy, customer’s credit card numbers, your company’s secret recipe, or anything else you would hate for hackers to get their hands on, is paramount, secure internal software is a must.

When you choose KitelyTech, you’re soundly opting for a wealth of knowledge in combination with our hit-the-ground running approach, that guarantees we’ll hit our deadlines.


Step one in every client relationship is an initial consultation. We’re big believers in building strong relationships, so we love when clients meet up to talk shop. If you can’t make it to the Windy City, no matter: we work with clients around the world, so video conferencing is just as good in our book.


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  • After ensuring we understand your software objectives clearly, we put together a first-rate team composed of specialists to achieve success based on your criteria.

  • Our tech team leaders will put together a strategy and timeline for each project benchmark and final product delivery, collaborating with you for feedback and approval throughout the process.

  • We execute – we work collaboratively (internally and with you/your team) to deliver an outstanding product on time.

  • Our work doesn’t have to end with successful software implementation/delivery. Our marketing team is here to help you with a plan to put into action, even before your product rolls out.

  • We’re here for ongoing maintenance and updates at your discretion, as hands-on or -off as you need us to be.

Determining Your Project’s Requirement Milestones

To implement your project, certain conditions must be fulfilled:

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  1. Approve an SOW (statement of work). Every decision we make will be a reflection of goals that are set.

  2. Prioritize – make sure our vision aligns with what is most important to you and your business.

  3. Gather information from your organization to help us execute efficiently.

  4. Conduct cost-benefit analyses and/or market research, at your discretion.

  5. Approve benchmarks for performance, security and safety.

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MVP (minimum viable product), or working prototype – we help you create a version of a new product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development.

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We pride ourselves on staying on top of industry standards, trends and innovation. We combine the latest technology with our strong roots in the fundamentals of every major development platform to submit the highest-caliber product for your approval.

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Processes are put in place to maximize value: increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. If you’re bringing us a preconfigured software product, developed outside of KitelyTech, our streamlined process helps us quickly analyze and troubleshoot the existing code so we can build and improve upon it.

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Quality assurance is the bedrock of our business. Before submitting any benchmark for approval, we rigorously test our product to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality result.

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You’ll never be out of the loop. Being a client of KitelyTech means a continuous dialogue – collaboratively, we work through potential enhancements and confront challenges as they arise.