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KitelyTech does more than create brilliant designs; we create a brand experience.



It’s not enough for your site to function flawlessly; it has to look good doing it.

That’s where our world-class, graphic and website design firm in Charlotte, NC come in. Our brilliant Charlotte-based team pair web design with web development to create something magical—iconic.

Our amazing graphic and design company in Charlotte, NC specializes in building beautiful, sophisticated, and easy-to-use website design. These elements come together to create an extraordinary user experience (UX). This positive interaction with your brand builds trust and confidence, turning visitors into customers.

Being a first-rate, responsive web design service in Charlotte, one of KitelyTech’s priorities is to collaborate with you and your team to figure out your goals in order to gain an understanding of what the best web or eCommerce website design solution is for your brand.

We use the information you share with us to develop a deep-seated understanding of your brand, your team, your mission, vision, and goals. As a premier, yet affordable web design company in Charlotte, we look to understand our client-partners before striving to be understood, ourselves. To us, this isn’t just good business; it’s instinct. To our satisfied customers, this is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our distinctive approach is to get to know our clients and understand their vision by visiting the offices of the businesses and people we work with. This allows us to develop a natural familiarity with the company and its employees and how we can build a remarkable brand for them.

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Yes, our custom web designers in Charlotte have a reputation of exceeding our clients’ expectations by creating beautiful web pages with brand-right logos and images from our in-house graphic design team.

…but we’re more than a pretty face
KitelyTech’s custom web design team in Charlotte became one of the best in industry by honing our advanced knowledge of responsive web design, allowing users to experience the site. As one of the leading graphic design firms in Charlotte, we focus on intuitive navigation, integrating processes for local, national, and international companies. We were able to reduce the steps between a lead visiting your site and converting that lead into a sale or client without sacrificing the quality of the content or integrity of your brand.

To build the very best website for your brand, we spend time talking about the issues that matter most when selecting a website designer and developer in Charlotte. Producing awe-inspiring websites that elevates brands, converts leads, and leaves you beyond satisfied is rewarding for us.

We spend time talking about issues that matter most when selecting a website designer & developer




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