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A website is one of the fundamental ways of expanding your business beyond the brick and mortar locations. It brings your company to potential customers around the world. While there are many resources available to help you build a website yourself. Many of these resources lack the analytical and experience-based approach needed to make your site useful.



    What is Web Design?

    Web design is the process of designing a website from the ground up focusing on how it will be used, what it looks like, and how it functions. During the process, every element of the site is designed. This is where the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) are designed as well. 

    Web design is the first step in building a website. It often begins with an extensive planning process so that the design agency can understand what the specific elements of your website’s design need to be.

    What is Web Development?

    Web development is the process of building your website from the ground up. Once a design has been finished, a web development agency can begin using that design to construct your website. 

    Web design and development are the two parts of building a website that every business struggles with. It can be difficult to create a website that effectively covers all of your needs. That is why it is best to partner with a web development studio to have your website made.

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    In business, websites serve a specific set of purposes. They are used to drive traffic to the company online and in stores, to create an eCommerce channel for selling products online, and to market for the company. Doing all of these jobs at the same time requires a balance between the different features included in the website. Finding that balance is what web development agencies specialize in.

    Through effective research and development methods, a web development team can effectively determine how to create a website that works best for your business. It is not done through trial and error, but by carefully chosen methods that make the process more effective in less time.

    Our Services

    With a highly-refined process and years of experience coordinating web development projects, KitelyTech is one of the leading web design agencies in Chicago. We offer a collection of services that create high-quality websites that drive traffic to your business. These services include:

    • Web Design:

      We work with you to design a website that fits your company’s brand. Every design is unique and uses subtle design features to engage customers and generate leads.

    • Web Development:

      Taking high-quality designs, we develop your website so that it runs smoothly and reliably. We add features that make the experience better for customers and enable online business management and eCommerce.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

      The websites we create perform well with search engines. By integrating an SEO focus into content creation strategies, all of the content on your site drives traffic through high search engine rankings

    • Content Development:

      Every website needs content to be useful, and how that content is developed makes a major difference in both user experience and performance. We develop content for your website that aligns with your company’s branding and gives customers an experience that inspires confidence in the company.

    Our services all serve the same purpose: to help you drive traffic and convert leads into customers. With our help, your website can be an important part of your business and an invaluable resource for your customers.

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    KitelyTech is one of the best web design agencies in Chicago, and we can help you set up a website that takes your business to a new level of success. We work collaboratively with you throughout the development process. This way, you will be up-to-date on every aspect of the project and know that our efforts align with your needs. Contact KitleyTech to partner with a leading web design company in Chicago.