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Sep 9
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Voice search is changing how customers search for things online. Instead of using a keypad, they are using the new voice search features that are available on nearly every platform. All they have to do is activate the search program and say a word or phrase that they want. Then, the system searches based on what was asked for.

For your business, this makes it faster and easier for customers to search for your products and services. However, you need to develop content that is set up for voice search. It is another form of SEO that you should implement in your business. Here is how you can set up your business locations for voice search.

What is Voice Search SEO?

Voice search is just another high-tech way of searching for something in a search engine. Instead of using the keypad on a device, you use your voice. Alexa, Cortana, and Google Voice are all great examples of how this system works. All you have to do is enable the feature on your device, then give it a basic search command.

It is becoming more popular as many device users are looking for easy ways to do things without their hands. It is especially useful when driving, or using a phone when your hands are full. It still works in the same way as other search devices, it uses keywords to find references to a topic that customers search for. Use this to your advantage by using your knowledge of keywords used in other parts of your business to improve voice search results.

Method 1: Target Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

People speak differently than they type. Typed language is usually shorter and uses more general language choices. This is because typing takes more effort than speaking, so we shorten what we have to type to make it easier and more efficient. This is also why other forms of SEO focus on keywords and short key phrases.

Voice search SEO focuses on the long-tail keyword phrases that people normally use when speaking. Instead of “car dealers near me”, a customer is more likely to say “find a [Company name] dealer near me that sells [car type]”. The overall keyword is a longer phrase, which may be harder to implement in certain types of content.

To implement voice search SEO, find areas of your website where you can easily use these long-tail key phrases. The FAQ section of your website is a great place to start. You can go into detail to answer specific questions related to the keyword phrases that customers are likely to use. You can also work on the individual pages for specific products and services. This will give you the greatest amount of space to expand on relevant keyword phrases.

Method 2: Capitalize on Social Proof

Customers rely on social proof to decide which products and services to buy. Social proof is evidence that other people have tried and like what your company has to offer. This lets people know that other peoples have taken a risk on your offering, and it was worth the risk. It stops looking so risky and starts looking like a good opportunity to solve their problems.

The Google voice search feature takes social proof into account when grading possible results. If you want your company to rank highly, try to capitalize on your social proof, especially through Google reviews. The more positive social proof that you can provide, the more attractive your offer looks to customers.

Method 3: Local Search by Voice Optimization

Voice search optimization is likely the most important project that you can undertake if you have a company that relies on local foot traffic. This is because many people use search by voice features to find products and services that are near their current location. Phrases like “[product or service] near me” are commonly used in voice searches, and the results are based on their current location. If you can implement voice search optimization methods, then you are more likely to be near the top of their results lists.

You’ll need to implement a version of local SEO for your voice search rankings to make this work. Start by identifying keywords and phrases that local audiences use. Then, build them into your content to attract search engines. It is similar to how you perform other types of search engine optimization but focused on voice systems.

Get Help With Voice SEO

Voice search optimization is a relatively new practice. However, you can implement it across your website and listings with relative ease. If you need help making this change, contact KitelyTech for assistance. We work with startups and established companies to improve their online performance through multiple forms of SEO. Call us at (800) 274 2908 for a consultation on how we can make this more effective for your company.

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