Shopify SEO : How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Store

Aug 31
Shopify SEO

Shopify can be a great tool for expanding your business online, but it is becoming more competitive as more businesses turn to it for help. It is a great platform for setting up an online store quickly and effectively. However, most people struggle with search engine optimization on Shopify. If you don’t set up your store for effective SEO, you may struggle to drive organic traffic. Here are some tips on how to drive more organic traffic through Shopify using SEO.

Start with Keywords

Every attempt to set up good SEO on a web platform starts with finding the right keywords. In this case, your keywords will depend largely on what products you intend to sell. Once you determine what the products are, start doing research to find out what keywords are associated with those products. There are many ways that you can do is including tools on the Internet to help you with keyword identification. Find at least five keywords that you can use to help it stand apart from other sites.

Plan the Content

Once you know which keywords are going to use, you can start to plan the content for your Shopify store. Product descriptions are where you are going to put most of your focus at the beginning. You want to work your keywords into your product descriptions so that the pages for each product will appear in search results. Try to use each keyword more than once, but make sure you do not over-saturate your content with keywords.

Create Other Forms of Content

While product descriptions are important, there are other forms of content to use to improve your SEO. Product titles are an important place to start. You can work keywords into product titles where appropriate. You can also and more information about products outside of the basic product description. Providing more details about products while using keywords improve chances of ranking higher on search results.

Make sure that you fill in any additional content that is used by search engines and other scanning devices, such as alt tags on images. Alt tags are important to search engines because they are used by screen readers and other systems used by people with disabilities. People with visual impairments use screen readers to describe the content on a page to them, which reads alt tags instead of images. By filling the alt tags with SEO-rich content, search engines will make them a higher priority than stores that don’t use the alt tags effectively.

Automate SEO

If you are unsure of how to effectively set up your Shopify site’s SEO, you can get help with that. Shopify has an app platform that lets you use apps on the site. There are plenty of SEO optimization apps available that integrate with Shopify. They can automate tasks such as fixing links and alt tags, which are two of the leading problems that can hurt your SEO. Many of those apps offer guidance in other areas so that you can fully optimize your site.

Expand Your Influence in Other Ways

While you want to make sure that your site can draw in traffic, you also want to use your influence in other places to drive traffic to your site. You can do this by creating links on other parts of Shopify that link back to your store. Blog posts are a great way of offering value to other platforms and customers while creating links for your store.

See if you can identify and connect with other store owners in your industry. Ask if they accept guest blog posts. If they do, write SEO-rich posts with backlinks for your store. Having them up on other people’s sites will drive traffic to yours through SEO and links.

Blog About Your Niche

Another way to improve your SEO is to blog about your niche. This helps you in several ways. The content establishes you as an expert in your field, which is something that potential customers look for. It also helps you include more SEO-rich content on your site, which raises your rankings.

One tip that you can try is to blog about important people in your niche. These influencers have a lot of SEO influence as well since they have large audiences. If you write about them or things that they are doing, search engines will raise your ranking since you are discussing something that is important to your niche overall. The search engine may see you as being more relevant to the industry, resulting in a higher ranking.

Let KitelyTech Help You with Shopify

Expanding your business using Shopify can make a big difference in how successful you are, which is why it is worth the time and effort to get your site optimized. If you need help with your Shopify SEO, let KitelyTech help you. Our team of SEO experts and Shopify experts can help you develop a better store that drives traffic organically. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to schedule a consultation about your project.

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