Six Tips for Revamping Your Website's Homepage

Sep 11
Revamping Website Homepage

Think of your website’s homepage as a welcome screen for potential clients. It’s the first part of your website that most people will see, and many will form their impression of your company or business based on your homepage.

If you feel your homepage is outdated or not up to par, you’re probably thinking about revamping it. Here are a few web design tips to consider when you’re doing this:

1. Use custom photos over stock photos

Stock photos are easy to get and relatively cheap, and this, unfortunately, means they’re not unique. Spend a little more money to get custom photos from a professional. Alternatively, you could take the photos yourself, whether they are of your business, product, or personnel. This helps to make your business feel more authentic and stand out from the crowd.

2. Use color as a branding opportunity

Many businesses have certain colors that are associated with them. These can be the colors found on their logo, the color of their main product, or simply the color that’s commonly found on their advertising material. When these colors appear boldly on your homepage, it helps to foster your brand’s identity. Soon enough, customers will start associating those colors with your company or product.

3. Find out what works

There are many organizations that have dedicated significant resources to finding out what impact different colors, fonts, layouts etc. have on customers. Although it might be tempting to try out a new font, you may first want to find out what customers think about it. Do some research and find out what people have tested, what worked, and what didn’t.

4. Add a slideshow

Instead of going through the familiar struggle of picking one image that will communicate everything you want to say, consider going with a slideshow instead. This makes it easier and faster for customers to see what your business is about.

5. Animations

“Animations” here doesn’t refer to cartoonish videos. Rather, it’s the effects that give your site depth and generate interest as a user scrolls. Parallex effects are one example of a popular type of animation in today’s landscape. Having the right animations on your website can make a huge difference. Animations quickly capture the user’s attention and they’ve been shown to increase engagement and interaction. There are different types of animations that you can try out. However, don’t go overboard as this can make the page take too long to load.

6. Functionality comes first

How many clicks does it take for the customer to get from your homepage to the product page? The homepage should make it easy to access other pages that customers are likely to be interested in.

In the end, a homepage is about displaying your brand and drawing people in while highlighting your brand and its products or services. Since it’s paramount to the success of any site, it is well worth investing in a professional to design and develop it.

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