Social Media Trends to Build Your 2021 Strategy On

Dec 22
social media trends

Social media is becoming the engine that drives business growth and development. If you want your business to continue to grow in the new year, then you will likely need a new social media management strategy. That way, you can capitalize on the potential that social media provides businesses that use them correctly. In this article, we discuss social media trends that you can use to build your 2021 strategy. 

Conversations are the New Way to Market

The key to making social media channels successful is being social and building connections within communities. To do this effectively, your company must have conversations with the people who want to interact with you. Starting and maintaining conversations is becoming more than just a way to leverage social media relationships. It is becoming the way that companies market. 

On social media, most conversations are public. This means that you can hold a conversation with a potential customer while providing information and filling a need that other customers have. As this continues, you are advertising your brand to other people listening in on the conversation. 

Companies are already using this method to reach customers that do not want to be sold to. Most people have a negative reaction to sales tactics, but the conversational method can bypass this entirely. Since they are already listening to the conversation, it is your chance to impress them and win them over. 

Socially-Conscious Businesses

Socially-conscious business practices have been an increasingly important factor in consumers’ buying choices for the past decade. However, those buying choices were not entirely driven by the impression that a company was involved in social issues or not. This has widely changed in the last year or so because of world events. Many customers make it their mission to only shop with socially-conscious companies and actively avoid companies that are either indifferent or do not represent the values that they feel are important.

For your business, this means that being socially-conscious may be an important part of how you do business. One way to address this is by taking a position on socially conscious topics. The way in which you do this should always be handled professionally and have a positive impact on the community. While you may not support every social initiative that becomes popular in the community, it is possible to find things that you are passionate about and that your company can get behind.

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your position on social issues. However, it is important to make sure that before you associate any of those issues with your company, you first consider the impact on the company. There are many cases where business leaders have involved their companies in social issues for the community to find out that the position that the company takes is based on the input of a single person. 

Make sure that you are not harming your business by leveraging it to support your position on social issues only for the sake of supporting your position. Instead, focus on issues that are important to your customers and choosing positions that reflect your company’s core values, not your own.

SEO in Social Media

One trend that will likely have a huge impact on how companies use social media in 2021 is the use of SEO in social media. Because of the widespread popularity of search engines, social media platforms are making changes so that their platforms work better with search engines. Instagram, for example, made specific changes so that Instagram posts become more search engine accessible. You can use this to your advantage to dominate social media platforms and stay on top of everyone’s organic traffic.

Most companies that advertise online are already aware of what SEO practices are effective at generating results. The same practices can be applied to social media platforms so that you can consistently raise your search engine ranking outside of those platforms while also making yourself more popular within those platforms. The key is to include keywords in your posts and in the metadata whenever possible. This will make it easier to search for keywords related to your post and delivery your posts to more viewers.

Hire an Agency to Help with Social Media Management

With although the proposed changes to social media platforms and the consistent changes in popular trends, being able to successfully manage social media accounts is becoming more difficult. Many companies struggle with this and miss out on many of the benefits. Fortunately, your company can get help with the management of its social media channels.
At KitelyTech, We work with companies to develop social media management strategies that can help grow their businesses and create a strong online presence. Call us at (800) 274 2908 for help developing your 2021 social media management strategy.

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