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With KitelyTech’s in-house software designs, you can optimize any task or streamline workflows with our powerful programming. That’s how you get the most bang for your buck.

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KitelyTech’s custom software solutions can be fine-tuned to help reduce paper and physical waste by moving old processes into the digital age. Better for the planet and your wallet.

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Time is money, and KitelyTech works hard to deliver time-saving programs that start paying dividends the day they launch. Using modern design and sensibilities, our programs can help streamline even the most complex of operations.

KitelyTech Software:
Reduced Management
Time by 40%


KitelyTech developed and designed a custom software application to manage logistics of a trucking fleet. Key features include tracking fuel stations and customer locations, and a companion mobile app.

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“This software does everything for us: assigns loads to the drivers, pays the drivers, and has a database for all the stations or customers we service. There’s also a mobile application; every driver is issued an iPad and they communicate on it through a web-based portal. This software has cut down on the amount of hours my dispatchers have to spend using the software by at least 40%. That's huge. I’m really excited about all of the additional features that they were able to give me that I didn't have. Their solution has given us the ability to manage our operations in real-time, which is very important.”

-Jim McMahon,

Owner, J.P. McMahon Petro-Chem Transport Group

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