8 Steps to Create a Mobile Application

Aug 20
Steps to Create a Mobile App

Mobile app development is an important part of how many businesses operate. Having a mobile app allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level, no matter where they are. While many companies have mobile apps, some business owners do not understand the development process. This leads many to believe that developing a mobile app is difficult and expensive, which pushes many business owners to other options.

App development has been made much simpler by design and development agencies around the world. Your company can benefit from having its own mobile app. Here is a look at the steps to create a mobile application.

Steps to Create a Mobile Application

Define Your Idea

The first step in making an app is to define your idea. When people think about designing an app, they always want to start with the interface. However, there are many steps before they get there, and skipping those steps can hurt the final product significantly.

Start the process by taking the time to define your idea. This lets you easily communicate to other people, including your design and development team. It also helps you understand the nuances of your idea.

All you need to define your idea is a piece of paper and a pen. Start by writing down what you want your app to do, including its purpose in the business and any goals that you have. You will refer to this document throughout the process to make sure that all stages of development keep the project aligned with your goals.

Research Your Idea

Once you have your idea well-defined, the next step should always be to do extensive research on it. Everyone has ideas, but not all of those ideas will work out the way that they want them to. You may think you have a great idea for your app, but that idea may not work for your business.

Before you start thinking about how to make an application, do some research to find out if it is even a good idea to pursue your idea. Look for other apps that have the same purpose, and look at apps for other companies. You may be able to find elements of your idea in other sources so that you can see how it works and if it provides value to those businesses.

Start with the Frame

Once you have proof that your app can be successful, you can start the design process. Partner with an app development team to get the best results. There are several steps that require specialized processes from here on, and having help from app developers makes the next part flow smoothly. Always start designing your app with the frame. Specifically, start with a wireframe.

A wireframe is a basic sketch of your application. It does not show anything in great detail, but it does show the different elements involved in your app and gives you a basic idea of how they work together. The focus here should be on defining how your app will function for customers. You are essentially designing the user experience (UX) using very basic drawings sketches to map out how they move through your app.

Build the Foundation

The next step is to build the foundation of your app. This means figuring out all of the back-end and support systems. Similar to how you build a wireframe, map out how your app works behind the scenes. This includes coming up with data storage, email systems, and any other support systems that are needed to keep the app running. Map out how all of the systems work together so that it is easy to understand what goes on behind the scenes to your team can build the back and services for your app.

Design the Front-End

This is the part of the app development process that everyone wants to skip to are immediately think about when they want to design an app. At this step, you will start to plan the front-end, also called the user interface (UI), which is the part that everyone interacts with. Take as much time as you need to get this section of the project right since it will have the biggest impact on your customers.

Test Everything

Once you have the front-end and back-end completed you launch the launcher app. Before that, you have to test everything. This is your last chance before the public sees your app to make sure that everything works and to fix problems. There are many ways of completing app testing, but one of the most effective methods is to have users go through the app to see if different features work. Your development team can create a detailed testing plan that ensures that all parts of that are thoroughly tested.


Once everything has been tested, and any problems are fixed, you are ready to launch your app. Start using your marketing plan to get the word out to your customers. Make sure that your app is made available on the app store for whichever platform your target audience uses most often. This will help you get it out to the largest number of customers that ensure that they are able to find it when they need it.

Monitor and Adjust

Although your app has launched, there is still work to do. You need to monitor its performance and make any adjustments that are needed. By continuing to support and maintain your app, you can ensure that customers have a positive and enjoyable experience. This process should continue indefinitely so that you can always be sure that your app is performing at its best.


With the right help, building an app is possible for any business. At KitelyTech, we have the experience and the resources to build a high-quality app that drives traffic to your company and can improve sales. Contact us online or call us at (800) 274 2908 to start your app development project.

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