Top 8 Strategies for Marketing a Dental Practice

Jul 19
Marketing a Dental Practice

If you want your dental office to succeed, dental patient marketing is crucial. Additionally to bringing in new patients, it can also improve your relationship with current ones.

There are several tactics you may use to draw new patients to your business, but combining many of them will produce the best results.

Discover the top ten strategies for marketing your dental practice as you continue reading.

1. Dedicated online market presence

Your website is most likely where a potential patient will first interact with you, therefore it needs to be appealing. Since your website acts as your online business card, make sure it presents itself professionally, is well-organized, and provides the details patients need, such as your address, phone number, and the services you provide.

To assist convert visitors into patients, consider adding Dental SEO techniques to your content marketing and working with a professional website designer to construct and manage your site.

One of the best-designed dental websites is Orange Park Smile. Visit website! 

2. Make local events

Dental offices are local businesses that rely on the community for clients. Sponsoring a local kids soccer team or another recreational sport is a good way to get your brand out there.

To give away at the sign-up booth, think about making goodie bags with toothbrushes, floss, and information on children’s oral health. Free giveaways are also effective at festivals, marathons, fun runs, and other civic events.

Have your dental staff participate in a charity event or volunteer work that allows them the chance to engage in some word-of-mouth and direct marketing, or offer to teach a class on dental hygiene at the local elementary school.

3. Start a community referral program

Nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations, and setting up a referral program with incentives will help you attract more patients. Patients’ decisions regarding their dental professional may be influenced by casual talks they have with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

Give your existing patient and the referral a reward. It may be a discount on teeth whitening, a free dental exam, or a credit for their next service. Not sure where to begin? These suggestions for referral cards can be useful.

4. Consistent email marketing reminder program

Gaining new patients is only one aspect of expanding your practice. Maintaining your connections with current patients is important as well. A great method to make sure they get the dental care they require is to send them an email reminder to make their appointment.

While you don’t want to overwhelm them with emails, you may re-engage them by giving them business updates, hygiene advice, and invitations to referral programs.

5. Make a company Google business page for regular updates

A key tool for persuading potential clients to select you over your rivals is the Google My Business Page. Make sure your page is updated and fill it with essential details like your practice name, address, and operating hours. Upload pictures and add behind-the-scenes films to showcase the passion of your clinic.

To build a stronger relationship with a potential patient, you can also publish educational blog-style posts and keep track of your questions and responses.

6. Make a dental website for easy to follow

A website that is simple to use will keep visitors interested. A well-designed site’s navigation makes it simple for users to access the information they need right away, and it aids in the effective crawling of key material by search engines.

Continue to test and improve your website until you are confident that both your visitors and you are receiving the desired outcomes.

7. Promote dental practice with video advertising

We already know that a website’s first impression is crucial, but how can you keep people interested? Videos help users interact with your content more quickly, improving the user experience on your website.

Videos are used by dentists to attract new patients. If potential patients can see your employees at work, learn about treatment, and develop a personal connection with you, they are more likely to use your services.

8. Daily update on social media for consumers’ trust

Trust is essential for building a successful practice, and your reviews count! Millennials, for instance, utilize Yelp, so be careful to accurately represent your company and its data.

Another millennial favorite is Instagram, so if you’re marketing to this group, be sure to post frequently about your practice.

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