Telehealth: What You Should Know

Dec 2
about telehealth services

You may have heard of a growing trend in the healthcare industry called “telehealth”, but have no idea what it is. You are not the only person asking questions about telehealth as it is new and there are a lot of details still being worked out by the major players in the telehealth space. To help you get in on this trend and discover all of its benefits, here is what you should know about telehealth services. 

The Basics

Telehealth is a term that refers to healthcare services that can be offered remotely. This is usually done using dedicated technologies, like telehealth apps or custom software, to make secure communications possible. 

Telehealth services can include any medical service that can be done remotely regardless of what type of healthcare service it is. Mental health services, such as counseling and addiction treatments, lend themselves to this model since the only resource needed to facilitate services is a method of communication. Rather than meeting in the therapist’s office, the therapist can help a client over the phone or through video chat services. 

Telehealth services can also include non-clinical services, such as processing medical paperwork or applying for aid programs. This is less common since it is done behind closed doors and is often a business to business service. However, patients can access some of these services, such as requesting copies of medical records or updating medical identification devices. 


For many patients and businesses, telehealth services can be a major paradigm shift in healthcare services. It fundamentally changes how patients interact with caregivers while improving these interactions in some ways. For businesses, the cost of doing business (medical office overhead costs) can be reduced. Telehealth services make it possible to maintain care standards while reducing the size and overall cost of their offices. This could lead to reduced healthcare costs as well since care providers will have less overhead expenses. 

For patients, the benefits go beyond more affordable care. There is a reduction in unproductive time from traveling to offices and waiting for care providers. Telehealth also reduces the risk of being exposed to other illnesses. These benefits alone make it more appealing for patients as they eliminate several of their biggest concerns about going to the doctor.

Homebound patients, such as seniors, will see some of the biggest benefits from telehealth apps. As long as they have access to an internet connection and a smart device, seniors will be able to go to the doctor. This means more frequent visits, more personalized healthcare, and better outcomes for seniors. 


While telehealth services can provide a wide assortment of support options for patients and other healthcare providers, there are several limitations. One of the most prominent limitations is the inability to do lab testing through telehealth apps. The easiest solution is to rely on local lab services like the ones offered by Quest Diagnostics and similar companies, but this will make it more difficult to address the concerns of patients quickly. Telehealth companies are working to find ways of overcoming this and other potential limitations. Since telehealth services are still relatively new, enough time should resolve many of the problems in the system. 

Continuing Advancements

Telehealth services are developing rapidly. New apps and systems are being developed to bring these services to a wider audience. Your business can get into the telehealth space early and be one of the leaders in the industry to expand it and help many people with their healthcare needs. To do this, you will likely need a telehealth app of your own. 

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