The 5 Greatest Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Jan 7

A product of cloud computing and the business industry, Software as a System (otherwise known as SaaS) is a groundbreaking alternative to standard software installation in the modern age. Traditionally, businesses and single users alike have been required to buy and download software onto their own devices, at their own expense. But with SaaS, a vendor’s entire cache of application software can reside on a remote cloud network accessible via web or API, which can then be rented to individuals and/or organizations for a period of time. This shortcut enables vendors to provide direct, cloud-based software applications to their online users, streamlining the users’ experience by saving them immense time and hassle. And in return, the vendor can collect subscription or rental fees for the software usage.

As Software as a Service gains popularity, the benefits of SaaS continue to multiply. Here are the top 5 greatest advantages of Software as a Service. 

  1. Reduced Installation and Configuration Time

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between SaaS and the traditional model is the amount of time Software as a Service can save both users and vendors. Since SaaS comes already installed and configured in the vendor’s cloud, users are spared all the time it would’ve taken them to do it themselves. By cutting down installation and configuration time, software usage becomes exponentially more accessible and easy to deploy. 

  1. Less Expensive

Expenses are also slashed by SaaS solutions since they usually exist in a shared or multi-tenant environment. This helps to greatly reduce hardware and software license costs compared to the traditional model. Maintenance costs also plummet with Software as a Service, since the SaaS provider that owns the cloud environment can work those costs into subscription fees. Further, SaaS helps small- and medium-sized businesses gain ground on larger competitors, allowing them to rapidly scale their customer bases in ways they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford with traditional licensing costs. 

  1. Integration and Scalability

SaaS solutions commonly reside in scalable cloud environments that have integrations with other SaaS benefits. Thus, compared with the traditional model, buying additional servers or software is unnecessary. All that’s needed for a SaaS provider to own another Saas offering, in terms of server capacity planning, is to simply enable it. Whatever your specific needs may be, you’ll always have the flexibility to scale your SaaS use up or down, whenever desired. 

  1. Upgrades, Updates, and New Releases

One of the best benefits of Software as a Service is the ability it gives vendors to upgrade or update software applications for all their users at once. Rather than requiring all users to purchase and install upgrade packages on their own, or pay for special services to upgrade their cloud environment, which is what’s expected from the traditional model, SaaS eliminates the cost and effort historically associated with upgrades and new releases. With SaaS, upgrades simply seem to happen on their own. 

  1. User-Friendly

The final, but perhaps most relevant, advantage of SaaS offerings is ease of use. SaaS solutions come with built-in tips and samples. They also allow users to do proof-of-concepts, test software functionality, and even try out new release features in advance. Even on some of the largest cloud environments, SaaS offerings allow you to test out their software before buying. Furthermore, migration between different software versions is streamlined with SaaS, which gives users a smooth transition experience with each new upgrade.  
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