Three Basics Of App Store Optimization (ASO)

Dec 14
Basics Of App Store Optimization

“For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs” – Ankit Jain

In 2016, the total number of applications downloaded from Apple’s App Store was nearly 25 billion. Similarly, the Android application downloads surpassed 90 billion. Statista has forecasted that there will be a total of 197 billion or more mobile app downloads by the end of this year.

If you are building a business application that addresses the challenges of your target audience, one of the key components to make it successful is App Store Optimization (ASO). It is considered to be an effective promotion means for your application in App Store, Google Play, and more. This optimization is needed because without it, your target audience might not see your application. In addition, if your competitors are using it, they are climbing the ranks of the App Store while you are left behind. Thus, to stay ahead of the curve, every business should opt for App Store Optimization.

Before proceeding, let’s learn about App Store Optimization.

What is App Store Optimization?

The concept behind App Store Optimization (ASO) is similar to that of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Both are done to achieve higher ranks and to stay ahead of competitors. SEO campaigns are done to increase website rankings on search engines, whereas ASO serves the purpose of achieving higher ranks of your mobile application in the app store search results. It is the process of optimizing applications in App Store. Many analysts also call this process as App Store SEO or Mobile App SEO due to its similarities with normal SEO.

The goal that you wish to achieve through ASO is maximizing visibility for specific search terms in the App Store. If you have a higher rank in the application marketplace, you are bound to have increased downloads of that particular application.

Next, let’s proceed to consider the basics of App Store Optimization and how you can efficiently utilize it:


If you are looking to improve the rankings of your mobile application on the App Store, an essential component is the choice of keywords you have selected. If you have selected the right keywords and effectively implemented it, your rankings will improve. Start by making a list of 50 App Store keywords that are relevant to your offering. It is important to keep in mind that you should not pick a keyword based on its popularity. The choice of keywords must be relevant, otherwise it will not be optimized for the right audience.


Once you have keywords in hand, it is time to place them to reap the benefits of efficiency. Similar to SEO and organic results, the name of the application is crucial when it comes to submission. Both the marketplaces have different limitations and restrictions. For instance, App Store only allows 30 characters for the title or application name whereas Google Play Store app developers can include 50 characters for the title. It all depends on the type of application and brand strength.


Typically, the App Store allows a field of 400 characters for a description of the mobile application – and it is considered be a key element when it comes to ranking. Apple and Google encourage developers to keep descriptions precise and to the point so that the users can get an idea about the application. Apple has named the description field as ‘promotional field’ while Google calls it ‘short description.’

Is App Store Optimization Necessary?

When it comes to mobile application marketing, App Store Optimization is the most effective and hassle-free solution. Different components also contribute towards the ranking of an application, but all of them are time-consuming and require a lot of effort. In addition, every strategy that you implement might be in vain if you do not focus on App Store Optimization. In such an ultra-competitive environment, the need for App Store Optimization is more than ever if you are looking to stand out from your competitors.

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