Tips to Build Links Like a Pro For E-Commerce Beginners

Aug 16
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Backlinks to your site are SEO gold. This is true whether you’re writing a lifestyle blog or you’re a major corporation informing potential clients of your services. Building links is arguably most challenging for e-commerce shops. You’re selling things rather than disseminating information. Other bloggers are not likely to link to you as a reference, unless it’s a gift list your product(s) are lucky enough to be included on.

Using the following under-the-radar tips and tricks can garner your e-commerce shop backlinks that will mightily increase your SEO ranking and organic search traffic.

1. Add a blog to your e-commerce store

Of course, this will not be the landing page of the site. It doesn’t even need to be on the toolbar of the home page. You might not even care if anyone reads it. However, blogs are great for SEO rankings. Part of Google’s search algorithm relies on frequency of keywords associated with a domain. So, for example, if your e-commerce store sells wedding gifts, you would want to rank for the keywords “best wedding gifts”. So write a blog about how to pick out the best wedding gift, the research process, whether to stick to the registry, and how much guests should expect to spend. Google’s algorithm also takes into account the timeliness of the keywords. So even if you have a “wedding gift” section of your site, and/or those keywords listed in the description of each product, it’s likely dated back to the time you launched the site or added those products. Blogging on a topic makes those keywords more relevant.

Word to the wise: Google’s algorithms frown upon self-promotion, so if you do a list of “Top 10 Wedding Gifts,” on your blog, leave your items out.

2. Solicit Quotations

A good roundabout way for e-commerce stores to gain valuable backlinks is through quotes from bloggers, other e-commerce shop owners (probably not direct competitors), and influencers. In the “Top 10 Wedding Gifts” blog example, reach out to the shops whose products you’ll be including. Inform them you’ll be featuring them in a positive light, and most will be more than happy to provide you with a blurb on their product to supplement the link you’ll provide to their e-commerce store.

Be sure to reach out to everyone whose products you included once your post goes live. Encourage them to share it. This way, you’re building relationships for later reciprocity. More immediately relevant, the backlinks will lead back to the blog on your site whenever the list is shared.

3. Commission Brand Rep Influencers

Find a handful of influencers who believe in and love your products. These people should be part of your target market and be followed by people in your target market. If these people you’re hoping to recruit as brand ambassadors aren’t already familiar with your products, send them a complimentary sample. Ask them to endorse you on their social media accounts and blogs if they like what you’ve sent them.

Further, you can utilize influencers as salespeople. Strike a deal where they receive a certain percentage of each sale on your e-commerce page as a result of traffic driven from their social media or lifestyle pages.

4. Add Product Videos…Sparingly

This tip is debated amongst SEO specialists. Some advice that adding product videos drives traffic to your site. There are certainly products where an instructional video would be a value-add. YouTube, after all, does great business with “how-to” videos. However, videos, as a general rule, take longer to load than photos. SEO algorithms are not forgiving when it comes to load times. All that said, if your server can handle loading the additional content inherent to videos, a few well-placed videos are an excellent way to set your e-commerce business apart from the competition.

Utilize these strategies for your e-commerce site to start building links back. The sooner you do this, the sooner SEO will start working for you and you’ll gain organic traffic.

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