4 Tips to Supercharge Your YouTube Channel's Traffic

Dec 31
Supercharge Your YouTube Channel's Traffic

YouTube continues to gain popularity each year, especially as more people cut their cable bills and rely on the internet and mobile streaming apps for entertainment. This creates an opportunity for companies to distribute content and leverage keyword searches to connect with potential customers and encourage more brand awareness. In this article, learn how to increase YouTube channel traffic.

Know What the Audience Wants

The best way to increase YouTube channel traffic is to deliver content that’s what your audience wants to watch. For most businesses, the audience target should be potential customers. When you speak with your existing customers, learn what interests they have and the types of content that would answer their common questions. 

For instance, if your company sells chef knives, you could create an entire video series to put on YouTube that covers how to select the right knife, how to sharpen chef knives, and so on. Customers looking to buy a knife would search for these products, find your content helpful, and consider buying a chef knife from your company. Additionally, your company’s customer service reps could refer customers to these videos during the sales process and to answer customer questions. 

If you cannot ask questions to your customers or want another way to research what your customers want to watch and learn about, you can use keyword research tools much like you would to create an SEO plan for your website and blog. 

Minimize Viewer Loss

It is easier to keep a viewer than to find a new one. There is also the added possibility that the loyal, long-term viewer will recommend your YouTube channel to other people. One way to keep viewers from unsubscribing from your channel is to closely align content with what they’re looking for. If your restaurant’s YouTube channel featured a lot of vegan recipes, people who like to eat and cook vegan food would subscribe. If you start posting recipes with meat in them, they’ll unsubscribe because they feel that the content is no longer relevant to them.

In addition, you will need to deploy other strategies to minimize view loss. This includes keeping intros short and always asking viewers to subscribe to your channel to keep in touch. When you think about the most successful YouTube stars, such as Blippi, it is obvious the impact that being direct and asking for follows is an important part of the process. (Blippi makes around $7 million on YouTube a year, according to recent estimates).

Study Search Engine Trends

There are online tools that you can use to see what trends there are in your niche on YouTube and in general. What people search on YouTube can be very revealing about the kinds of content that they want to watch. Savvy YouTube creators can harness this knowledge into videos that sell. 

After Fit Frugal Mom announced that her one video about making $10,000 on her video titled “126 MEALS FOR $30! | Emergency Extreme Budget Grocery Haul 2020” when it received a million views and went viral, dozens of other YouTube creators were able to launch new channels with content that also reached success by following this same formula. The Fit Frugal Mom channel was able to prove that there was a strong interest in this exact type of video.

If a competitor within the same topic or industry as your YouTube channel achieves a lot of success with a video, it is worth studying why. What kind of keywords were used in the description? How was the format organized? You don’t need to copy the video, but you can learn a lot by keeping up with what your competitors successfully publish on YouTube.

Engage with Viewers

Many YouTube channel owners make the mistake of putting up content and just leaving it there. They don’t share the new video on their other social media channels nor do they engage with viewers by liking and responding to their comments. This is a big missed opportunity. 

People become loyal YouTube followers for channels run by people. They’re more likely to leave a comment if there’s a chance that you might read and respond to it. The comments section is another great place to interact with potential customers. Other people can even review your comments and make decisions about your company’s customer service and responsiveness from what they read.

Your company’s YouTube channel can be a powerful tool for growing its online presence, with excellent opportunities to drive traffic to your website and gain loyal brand enthusiasts. It can be one part of your overall digital marketing strategy. At KitelyTech, we can help you craft a complete strategy to improve brand awareness and your search engine performance. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to learn more about how we can help.

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