Top Concepts For Cool Websites In 2020

Aug 4
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A custom web design company can be an extremely important aspect of your business. Now more than ever, more and more companies are seeing the value in bringing their business online. Because of this, a custom web design company or ecommerce website design firm are highly sought after. 

If you are considering overhauling the design of your website, or designing a website from the ground up, it is important to keep an eye out for certain trends in the world of web design. We have already explored some of these topics, like these things to consider before hiring a custom web design company. In this post, we’ll be diving further down the rabbit hole to look at some amazing trends in the world of web design. These topics include:

  • Accessibility for All
  • Dark Mode
  • Animated Elements/Motion
  • Boldness
  • Video Headers
  • Retro Looks

Read through this article, and we’ll explore a few of these emerging trends. 

Accessibility for All

In 2019, the Supreme Court upheld a decision that all websites must conform to the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Basically, this means websites should work for users that are using screen readers or users that can’t use a mouse. 

This creative hurdle forces web designers to create and imagine website design constructs that are accessible and easily navigated by all sorts of different users. Often, companies will look for a custom web design company that can carry out a sleek and sophisticated design. However, conforming to this concept can make a website’s accessibility an area that is overlooked. Ultimately, the best web design themes are classy, but also welcoming to every kind of user. This site should allow all users to freely access content without any restrictions or roadblocks.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is also very classy and sophisticated. It’s a great feature to implement on your site because you can have easy to spot colors on a dark background that can make certain elements of your site pop. Dark mode allows for higher visibility of specific elements on your site. 

Animated Elements/Motion

In 2020, most websites have text that dances into the frame, or a box that spins around to reveal additional info when it is hovered over. Designers are taking this even further and looking to craft a more dynamic experience. Lots of scroll-generated websites use animated elements and motion. This approach allows you to present lots of content on one page because it allows the page to continually run down or sideways.


Minimalism has always been explored and utilized in web design. It allows for bold typography and full-screen images, videos, and large-sized menu icons. Minimalism is helpful because it cuts away all superfluous elements that may clutter your site and lets users quickly understand the essence of your business. Additionally, oversized type and visual elements can fit many kinds of resolution and screen sizes. 

Although, it is important to understand when these design elements feel right and when you are overdoing it. Try to find the right balance and don’t go overboard by adding too many elements that make the entire experience too loud and confusing for users. 

Video Headers

Obviously, any custom web design company will tell you that websites are a collection of images and content. However, with increasing frequency, video headers are entering the mix in web design. This makes sense. Videos are a great way to get your message across without going the extra mile. Also, you can engage lots of users very quickly with an artful, strategic video. 

Retro Looks

In 2020, old is gold. Nostalgic and retro web designs are back in fashion, especially if there is a certain year or timeframe you want your website to evoke. Some companies opt for the bright colors and imagery of the 1980’s. Others companies present new ideas bundled up in past themes to make things more interesting for users. 

A retro look isn’t just about having the correct color schemes. Typography, styles, and other visual elements will all give the overall website design a very classic look. Ideally, the primary idea behind these themes is to help users connect with a certain period of time – this look and feel could end up becoming the unique selling point for the business. 


Prevailing web design trends ensure that companies are able to stay current and provide the best possible version of themselves through their websites. Websites are the perfect professional window to all of your prospective users. 

If you keep up with modern design trends, you will have a higher chance of user engagement and a possible sales breakthrough. If you follow these web design ideas, you will create positive impressions on your users’ minds. 

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