12 Great Web Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Clicking

Jul 27
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There are plenty of overwhelming innovations in web designing services or in running an ecommerce website design development company. These innovations are forcing marketers to adopt increasingly progressive techniques.

Targeted branding is highly sought after. Marketers also spend a fair amount of money focusing on user interface (UI) design, AI-supported bots, seamless and quick navigation, and aesthetics that are rich in features. All of these things come together to create a responsive site.

When it comes to an e-commerce website development company or web designing services, 77% of companies think that having a poor user experience will weaken their clientele. Having an immersive UI becomes more important if you look at the stats. Cool or appealing aesthetics influences the opinions of over 75% of visitors. Also, strategic user experience can be found to raise a website conversion by 400%. 

What follows are some fascinating and interesting web design ideas that will hopefully inspire you. If you’d like to learn more about web design, consider reading our tips to help you choose a web design company.

Illustrated Web Designs

For many years, illustration has been incorporated into web design. These days, however, designers are increasingly focused on creating custom and 3D illustrations that will define a brand. If blended properly with minimalism, illustration can be a powerful tool. 

Vintage Typography

Playing with the emotions of viewers has always been a cornerstone of digital marketing. With that in mind, designers have spent more and more time focusing on themes, colors, and typography that can trigger nostalgia. Although, it’s important that you only use bits and pieces of vintage web designs. 


Contrary to popular trends in web design, brutalism opts for a lack of concern when it comes to making things look comfortable and easy. Brutalism exists as a reaction to lightness, optimism, and frivolity that are often employed by web designers in this day and age.

Inclusive Design

Inclusive design focuses on providing user accessibility. Your aesthetics should be optimized for target users, and should indulge and entertain them. Inclusive designs offer a sure way to improve your site’s user experience.

Black and White

Monochromatic designs are becoming increasingly popular. These designs can be seen as more sophisticated and can enhance the overall appeal of the site’s layout. 

Massive Font Sizes

Making a bold and declarative statement is never going to fade away from web design. First, it found its way into logo design techniques, now, large fonts have become a notable trend when it comes to creating the UI of a website.

Outlined Typography

If you are looking to bring a unique touch to your site, maybe consider outlined typography for your site’s content. This idea has been making huge strides when it comes to attracting viewers and increasing your onsite traffic. Ultimately, it makes your content look compelling and sophisticated. 

User-Triggered Animation

Motion graphics and user-triggered animations can do a good job of toying with users emotions and attracting their eyeballs to important aspects of your site. From a dynamic background to an animated loading screen, there are plenty of ways you can use motion graphics on your site.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Geometric lines, patterns and shapes are all making a bit of a comeback this year. These features can be tricky to create, but they can entice your target audience very quickly. These geometric shapes should be used in the hero areas of your site, usually at the top of a site. 

Visual Storytelling

More and more designers are opting for incorporating visual storytelling elements into the UI of their websites. You can use these elements to strategically blend illustration and animation together with storytelling, making a layout that is ultimately more engaging. 


Colors are known to liven up a website, but they can also define a business, too. Colors point out important parts of a website and help them stand out from the clutter. 

Using gradients with appropriate transitions can be crucial when it comes to characterizing a brand. 


Watercolor can make your design feel more whimsical. Also, this style of illustration offers a hand-drawn, bespoke look that both entices and captivates.

Many artistic styles are being adopted by web designers where watercolors are part of the site’s background. This technique can be anything from super bold to super subtle, retro to minimalist. 


If you are thinking of employing web designing services, these tips should help point you in the right direction. Also, feel free to contact KitelyTech if you have any questions about web design – or other facets of the tech world. Consider, for example, our article on how a mobile app can improve your business.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, KitelyTech would love to discuss your business goals with you, and how we can use technology to make those goals happen. Contact KitelyTech on (800) 274 2908 today to learn more.

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