5 Web Design Trends of 2018

May 28
web design trends 2018

The world of web design is constantly changing, so to ensure you’re up to speed with the latest trends and designs, we’ve put together a list of the top web design trends of 2018 you should look out for.

1. Mobile-First Approach

2017 saw many advancements in the world of mobile, including mobile usage finally overtaking desktop browsing. This means that 2018 is all about putting mobile web design first. With mobile-friendly websites and responsive web design, it makes sense that Google is now ready to take a step up with mobile-first indexing and websites will no longer be ranked primarily on the desktop experience.

2. Big, Bold Typography

2018 has seen a surge in the use of expressive typography. By making use of bold typography, you can complete an already user-friendly website. When you replace images with powerful and bold typography, you can decrease your page load times alongside reducing the volume of negative space available on the page.

This will not only allow space for vital items and information to “drop in”, it will improve your overall user experience, which can only do good things for your rankings. Many web platforms house typography plugins which can help increase your range and options, which will allow you to dominate the big and bold typography trend.

3. Flat Design

Flat design is a type of user design that focuses on minimalism. Flat design isn’t dying, but in 2018 it’s about learning the art of adapting to stay relevant. Flat design has impacted brands like Stripe, Instagram, and Apple’s iOS icons, alongside playing a central role in the redesigns of high-profile companies like Mastercard and Dropbox.

4. Slick and Clean Design

There was a point in time when web designers over-designed sites. They filled websites with jazzy graphics, scrolling events, and overused animated designs. This dampened the user experience, and decreased page load times, even on desktop browsers. Now we know how much Google values user experience that we have switched to slick, clean, and modern web designs that are quick to load on desktop and mobile alike. The aim of a website is your content, and it needs to shine on its own. Simple is better.

5. Integrated Animations

As browser technology continues to advance, more websites are switching from static images to animations. This is to help engage users in their communication approach. Smaller animations are helpful for engaging the visitor during their entire experience on the website. Examples of this are utilizing graphics to represent the loading process of a page, or showing the user an interesting hover state on a link and/or image. They can also be integrated to work with navigation, scrolling, or as the focal point of the entire site.

The use of animation is a brilliant tool for integrating users into the story of a website. This allows them to see themselves in the characters. You don’t need to go complicated with animations. Even by just using them for fun visual abstracts it can help create a meaningful interaction and experience for customers.

The world of web is a competitive place and these are five of the most exciting web design trends that your website should be incorporating into your web design today.

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