Web Design Trends Taking Over 2021

Sep 29
Web Design Trends

2020 seems to be the year for big changes, including in the web design industry. There are plenty of changes happening in the technologies being used but also in the way that websites are designed and built. For companies, this means that maximizing the functionality and aesthetic design of your website means staying up-to-date on the latest trends. Here are some of the most popular and useful web design trends in 2020. 

Minimal Designs

One of the most essential and widespread 2020 web design trends is the movement toward minimal design. Gone are the days where websites are packed with design elements. Today’s websites are designed to be minimal, which gives them a cleaner, simpler design. The focus is on having as few elements as needed to convey the same user experience. Users find that minimal design offers several distinct advantages. 

Technology is advancing, but that also means that web services require more resources than they previously needed. If your website uses too many resources, users won’t be interested in your website. This is especially true for mobile device users where the amount of data that they use determines their phone bill. Resource-heavy websites won’t see continued use by customers that will pay a lot more on their phone bills for more data. 

Minimal design also makes designing websites considerably easier for web designers. It is more than just removing elements, it is making every element that you do include mean something important to the user. A more simplistic design is easier to understand and use, but that means that your design elements have to work well in the context that they are in. Bad designs stand out more among minimalist web designs. 


Engagement is the biggest performance metric in web design, even more so than traffic. Engagement is the measure of how your audience interacts with your website, and engagement leads to connections that can be turned into sales. To achieve this, companies are looking to make their websites more interactive. 

Interactivity can be achieved in a variety of ways. There are passive methods, such as including videos to watch about specific topics, or active methods, such as having forms to fill out to find relevant content for each user. There are more many new technologies reaching the market, like Angular.js v2 and an updated version of React.js, that make developing interactive websites easier. With this in mind, this is one of the trends in web design that can be easy to implement from a design perspective. 

Large Text

One of the web site design trends that can benefit everyone is large text (or oversized type). It involves using a font that is larger than it would normally be. By doing this, the text stands out against backgrounds and catches readers’ attention more effectively. Using it sparingly creates an interesting design aesthetic that is as stylish as it is practical.

Large text also has an unintended benefit: it is much easier to read. As screen resolutions continue to improve, the detail that they can show increases. However, this gives text a finer finish that can make it harder to see. Increasing the size makes websites more accessible for everyone, including people with vision impairments. 

Split Screen

Split-screen designs are becoming more popular for their potential benefits. Rather than sticking with the common design of having a single focus area on-screen, information is presented side by side. It is most effective when trying to show multiple products or having viewers choose between multiple options. However, you can use it in a variety of possible applications to create an interesting and largely unique experience for your audience. 

3D Artwork

One way that designs are making cool website designs is by including 3D artwork. It is much easier these days to generate 3D artwork since there are more programs that are capable and computing devices are far more powerful. A piece of well-designed 3D artwork can be the centerpiece of your design and have a big impact on viewers. 

If you want to increase that impact even further, try animating 3D artwork. This is possible using technologies like jQuery to move pieces around in response to user actions. By combining interactivity with artwork, designers can create websites that offer unique experiences that drive traffic. 

Get Help with Your Web Design Project

Although these trends are relatively new, it is possible to take advantage of all that they have to offer when you partner with a web design company. At KitelyTech, we stay on top of the best trends as well as established practices to give you the best outcomes when it comes to web design. Give us a call at (800) 274 2908 to discuss your next project.

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