Keep Your Website On Point with These Design Trends for 2019

Nov 24
web design trends 2019

Want to keep your website up-to-date with the latest trends, or are you just trying to ensure your website is as user-friendly and functional as possible for your potential customers? These design trends are the ideal way to keep your website on point, utilizing modern methods and practical tools to enhance every visitor’s experience:

Add video content

When it comes to advertising and promotion of products and services, video content is more popular than ever. It’s only natural that this concept of a more interactive, accessible point of contact has spread to our website design. By making use of video content and turning your site into a “channel” of sorts, not only will your viewership increase, but you’ll also be providing more to your customers in an easy-to-understand format.

Using Google Fonts

Since the introduction of Google Fonts, the number of websites utilizing this unique form of typography has increased tenfold. Not only do these fonts offer you added customizability with your web platform, but they can also easily be used to convey a tone, style, or genre for your brand, products, or services.

Going reactive

Unveiling a mobile-friendly design isn’t new to the world of websites, but it’s more and more common to have a site that’s completely optimized for use with mobile devices, providing a complete e-commerce experience or easy navigation. More browsing is done via phone than ever before, so ensuring you’re embracing those visitors is a must for any modern business.

Simple and striking

Website design is slowly but surely pulling away from the concept of blocks of text, multiple pieces of imagery and intricate designs into something far more straightforward. From the use of large hero images to bold, minimalistic text sections, having a website that looks as clean and elegant as possible is definitely in style when it comes to this year’s design trends; and is pleasing to your visitor’s eyes, too.

Interactive chat

Providing the best possible experience to your potential or existing customers is all about making the process easier for them, and what’s more accessible than being able to speak to a team member directly from a user’s browser, or through a chat service on his or her phone? Offering more interactive options for talking to customers is one of the most significant website design trends this year that customers love.

One-click purchases

Since the introduction of one-click buying services on large-scale e-commerce sites, customers are continually looking for ways to make the purchase process more straightforward. Added functionality like secure sign-ins and purchases performed in a few seconds are becoming a must for any modern e-commerce website, providing a way for customers to purchase instantly without the time to change their minds.

From simple design to stylish fonts, there’s a lot about web design that’s evolving in 2019 – and with more user experience functionalities, visual styles, and web tools appearing every day, we can’t wait to see what the year holds when it comes to website design.

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