What Do We Know about Software Development in Startups?

Oct 25

Many of the best apps and software products created in the last 20 years have been built by startups. In fact, there are hundreds of startups created every day on the idea that they can develop the next great app. While a limited number are successful, most startups figure out an effective method for creating software and managing development. Here is what we know about software development in startups.

Successful Startups Use Frameworks

Frameworks are a set of rules and procedures that help with the planning and execution of startup development. Frameworks help to avoid mistakes and plan what will be built in a startup’s software. Frameworks can also save time and money by optimizing the process.

The goal of the framework is to make it easier to come up with software by building things in certain ways. The framework helps startups to be more organized and makes management more effective.

In the last decade, companies have taken this a step further by creating and using software that is reusable. By using this software as the basic framework of any project, development teams cut hours and thousands of dollars from their early startup phase. The best companies have both working frameworks and software frameworks in place to improve development. 

Incremental Development Methods are the Key to Success

Startups should carefully plan out how they will develop their software. The best method for this is small, frequent increments of development towards the final product. This method helps startups organize their development and stay focused on what they want to achieve both in terms of features and deadline dates.

The Planning Phase Leads to Successful Software Development

One of the most critical stages in software development is the planning phase. The planning phase is where startups need to think through their goals and how they will achieve them. 

Software developers should plan out what features they want to include in their software, how long it will take them to deliver new features, and what needs to be completed first. Any delays or missteps can slow down the process of development.

Collaboration Speeds Up Development

The success of software development depends on collaboration between developers. A good way to get the team on the same page is to start planning development early in the process. This allows people to work together and build a common vision before things get too far into the development process.

Organized Meetings Drive Progress, Not Delays

Meeting regularly helps software developers feel connected and engaged with each other. It also allows them to know where everyone is in the process. These meetings must always provide value. Otherwise, they slow down the project considerably. The best teams have meetings as needed, keep them only as long as needed, and have clear goals for every meeting to prevent wasting time. 

Technical Requirements are Crucial for Software Development

When it comes to software development, ideas are not enough. Developers also need to have certain technical requirements in order to create the right product. It is important that developers have all the right information in order to create a product that will be successful in the marketplace.

Development Methods Must Change to Meet Business Needs

Technology changes continuously. The success of product development often depends on adapting to new technologies and changing the ways how an existing product is created. For startups, this means that they must be able to track down the right technology to use in their software.

Successful Startups Rarely Work Alone

The best startups realize that working alone rarely produces the results that they need. Instead, they find partners that can support what they are trying to do. At KitelyTech, we work with startups on web development, SEO, and content development projects to get their projects off the ground. Contact KitelyTech at (800) 274 2908 to discuss how we can help your startup on its next project. 

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