What Makes a Good Web Development Company and How Do You Choose One?

Aug 5
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You’ve decided to expand your brand’s presence online. What you need is a good web development company who can create a product that will propel your brand to the top of your industry. There are plenty of web development companies in Austin to choose from but choosing the right one—therein lies the challenge. First, let’s answer the question:

What makes a good web development company?

When looking to hire a company for custom web development, you will need to make sure your potential partner has the following qualities.

They have both front end and back end developers working together.

First, understand the differences between front end and back end development.

Front end – the visible parts of the website. It’s the design that makes you go “Ooooh. That’s beautiful.”

Back end – everything you don’t see but makes the website function. Think of it as looking under the hood of a car.

Front end developers use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the parts of the website that the user sees and interacts with. The colors, the buttons and animations—they take the design and create a functioning website from your vision.

Back end developers typically work with front end developers to make their code work within an application or website design. Back end developers use languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python. You won’t see many job postings looking for a “back end developer.” Job postings for back end developers tend to be more specific and will say, “Looking for PHP developers” or “Looking for Ruby on Rails developer.”

They stay ahead of best practices.

The best website developers are continuously learning and honing their craft. They stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends in web development. What’s more important, however, is that they stay current with best practices in the industry. Some best practices could include:

  • Writing semantic HTML or semantic markup for better communication.
  • Automated testing for front and back end coding.
  • Following web standards for all front-end coding.
  • Using an MVC framework.

They have a rigorous process for quality assurance.

The top web development agencies will have stringent tests to ensure the functionality of their product. They will write in automated tests on the front and back end. Automated testing allows developers to focus on the code they are writing while allowing them to test for any hiccups in the code.

They use source control.

Source control is the managing and tracking of changes to code. It provides a running history of code so that developers will be able to change pieces of code without losing their previous work. It’s a great way to problem solve issues with coding.

They value innovation.

The website development industry moves pretty quickly because new technologies sprout up almost daily. And just as fast, those technologies can become outdated. A good web development company researches and stays abreast of the latest trends and disruptive technologies.

They are able to help you market your product.

A best in industry web development agency like KitelyTech not only have a marketing strategy for your project, but they have an experienced marketing team with the right strategy for your project. The project isn’t over when your website is finished. You will need a solid and effective marketing plan so that users can conveniently find your website.

How do you choose the right web development company?

There are web designers a ‘plenty just waiting for the right client. But not every web development company will be a fit for your business. Here are a few tips to help you select the right developer to breathe life into your brand with exceptional design.

View their live portfolio.

Every good web developer will have a portfolio of websites that are live, and you can visit. Don’t just look at the picture block of websites on a developer’s page. Click on each website to see how you find the experience. Ask yourself what you like and dislike about those websites.

Read client reviews and testimonials.

What better way to get a feel for how a web design company treats their clients than by talking to those clients? You can either view testimonials or read reviews. You can also contact those clients and ask them about their experience working with a particular web development agency.

They aren’t cheap.

Any web developer who promises high quality design for mere pennies is likely to fit into one of three categories:

  • They’re lying about the quality of work they provide.
  • They are pulling a scam.
  • They are desperate for clients and are trying to build up their portfolio.

When considering pricing, you want to make sure the web developer you go with has transparent pricing. Discuss what you want and need and make sure those services are included in the price. Make sure you understand their billing schedule.

They value communication.

Good web development agencies value open and transparent communication. They will likely assign you a point of contact. That person should be able to handle all of your questions and be able to break down techno lingo into layman’s terms. They should keep you regularly updated on the progress of your website. You don’t want to work with a company who only contacts you when they reach a milestone in the project. Your website is your baby. You want to know what’s going on. A great website developer will communicate with you regularly because you are part of the team.

They are reliable.

When it comes to reliability in a web developer, you don’t just want to hire someone who has a lot of experience. You want to hire someone who will still be around in a year. Longevity is the key because many web developers come and go.

The web development industry in Austin, TX is packed and very competitive. Just because a website development company is good and has a high caliber of clients does not mean that company will be right for your brand. If you follow these steps, you’re sure to find the best web development company for your business and brand.

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