LMS Features: What To Look For In A Learning Management System

Aug 18
Learning Management System

Training your staff members or creating an online learning platform is easier than ever with the vast number of platform options available. Each platform has its own design and appeal, but many of them share similar features. Depending on your needs, you may want to pick a specific system over another. Here are the features to look for that make learning management systems special.

Gamification Tools

One of the best ways to promote eLearning is through gamification, or turning the learning process into a game with measurable outcomes. Gamification is effective because it creates engagement and investment in the learning process. LMS systems that have gamification systems built-in give you an advantage in motivating your staff members to complete the training courses.  

Social Learning Tools

There is a component to learning where people can learn more effectively in groups. LMS systems that have social learning tools can make this possible. There are many ways to create social learning groups. It can be something as simple as access to a social media platform, or as specific as having a chat group just for people in a specific course. However it works, this social element can give users access to other users. This gives them the chance to work with others on similar problems and to use their new skills in a real-world application. The result is more effective learning experiences. 

Data Analytics Tools

The ability to collect and analyze data on how people use your systems can be a major advantage in improving performance. With detailed information, you can fine tune your systems to get the most out of them. Your Learning Management System should have data analytics tools that make this process easier. This includes the ability to collect data, and the ability to report that data in different ways. For example, developing custom reports that the system compiles automatically can save you a lot of time and resources. 

Migration Tools

If you are going to invest a lot of time and effort in developing content for an eLearning platform, it is important to be able to migrate that data to another system. If you cannot, then you are locked into a system that you cannot get out of without a major reinvestment in creating new content for the new system. There are other ways of handling this, such as using a backup system that you control. However, it is more cost-effective to be able to migrate the data directly from one system to the other. It also makes switching systems faster and painless if you need to transition to a new system quickly. 

Exceptional User Interface

Perhaps the most important feature in your Learning Management System is the user interface. The quality of that interface will determine how effectively your staff members can use it. Systems that are difficult to use not only waste time and resources when in use, they also turn people off to the idea of learning. Without emotional investment in these systems, it is unlikely that anyone will willingly choose to use them. 

To ensure that eLearning in your company is not a dreaded process, pick a system that is easy to use. Find one with an intuitive interface so the barrier to entry is as small as possible. In some cases, you can find an interface that makes users want to learn. It all depends on your users and the systems that you choose. 

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